Thursday, May 23, 2024

Murder suspects feared to have crossed into South Africa

Botswana Police Service Deputy Public Relations officer, Superintendent Dipheko Motube, says that it is possible that Bakang Magashula and William Khumalo, who are suspected of having killed a Bangladesh businessman late last year in Ramotswa, have skipped the border into South Africa.

“They are running away from justice so we cannot rule out the possibility that they have skipped into South Africa,” Motube told the Telegraph.

Two other suspects, Thato Moeletsi and Andrias Chaka, are currently still behind bars.

Fears are that if the suspects have skipped into South Africa, they might not face justice because of the reluctance by the South African government to extradite suspects who are wanted for murder to countries that practice death sentence.

Late last year, a South African court declined to have Jerry Phale, who is wanted in the country in connection with allegations that he had murdered his girl friend, extradited to Botswana.

Another Motswana who has since passed away, Emmanuel Tsebe, who had also allegedly murdered his girl friend then skipped into SA, died whilst Botswana was still trying to get him extradited to Botswana to stand trial.

Some experts say this is likely to turn South Africa into a haven for murderers from Botswana and might also be a hindrance to cooperation on cross border crime fighting.

South Africa easily extradites criminals, such as armed robbers and car thieves.


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