Sunday, September 25, 2022


“You are everything I want in my life, every time I think of you I get a fever and become happy that I have found my fantasy after all.”

When I was growing up I used to fantasise about a guy who wears bling bling, baggy trousers and t-shirts like every other girl who used to watch the Western music videos with the likes of P Diddy and Mase.

You remember them right?
My man is simple, elegant, loves clothes and shoes, not baggy. Mind you, he wears clothes that are presentable and acceptable by our society because we people turn to judge others by the way they dress.

“Let me ask you this babe, do you like outfits, because I never hear you compliment me and that really worries me a lot.”

And he responded by saying: “Fact that I don’t compliment you does not mean I don’t like what I see. I do, a lot. So continue doing what you do best in putting up a good outfit and I will compliment you more”.

I just hope he means every word he said to me because this young generation turns to play around with our minds.
I go to work every day and meet different people in different places and I often enjoy seeing everyone, busy walking to school and work, some in cars.

Broadhurst Route 1, let’s go everyone! It passes by Princess Marina Hospital; elders, let’s go! That is the conductor of the comb I ride everyday to work.
On arrival, my fantasy would call to check if I have arrived well and am ready to start a new day. So caring, loving, understanding and a remarkable thing I have ever lived with so far; very different from what my mind used to see.

I have realised something: fantasies don’t change but rather come in unbelievable ways but we tend to realise that after they leave, so to avoid regretting it, make your partner your own fantasy and embrace what you have in front of you.

Now look at your partner, adore them and try to remember all the good and bad memories you have both shared. Laugh about them and say, “Sweetheart, I love you so much and thank you for being part of my life and us.”

My goodness, these words would change everything, believe me, even if you were fighting about something in the morning, that evening would be the best ever. Wish you all the best and please wish me as well because I too would really like to grow old with my partner.


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