Sunday, March 3, 2024

Namibia ropes in local karateka champion

In a bid to fine tune and produce quality athletes, the Namibia Karate Union (NAKU) has invited one of Botswana’s top karatekas to help grow the sport with his invaluable experience and skills.

Ofentse Shakes Bakwadi will be in Windhoek, Namibia this coming weekend to conduct a three day seminar that is aimed at training karatekas on both kata and kumite.

An excited Bakwadi says he is humbled to have been invited to Namibia. “Receiving an invite to share what you know with colleagues from a foreign county is humbling,” he says.

Bakwadi aims to share his experience and skills to uplift their status so that in future tournaments they become successful. He has observed that Namibian karate is on the rise as they did well at the recently held regional Zone 5 southern Africa karate championships hosted in Botswana.

“The opportunity to conduct the seminar in a foreign land is more than a blessing and to be recognised outside the Botswana boarders is humbling. It is an encouragement to strive and continue pursuing excellence in the sport,” he said.

Karate is one of the successful sporting codes in Botswana and the invitation from NAKU was based on success of the country in the sport.  The seminar is expected to empower Namibian aspiring karatekas with skills and techniques that will make them succeed in future endeavours.

According to Bakwadi, NAKU has shown that they want to grow the sport further and the youngsters have good support from parents and other stakeholders. ‘It is a wonderful privilege, last year I conducted a similar seminar. I will never hesitate to help African karate grow,” he adds.


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