Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Namibia sponsored students quit ABM

Students sponsored by Namibian government who are studying at the ABM University have left following a dispute between students and the institution.

Acting Namibian High Commissioner, Charles Josob, has said a dispute between students sponsored by the Namibian government and ABM University resulted in students taking a decision to stop their studies with the institution.

Josob stated in an interview that the students then enrolled with other universities after raising complaints in the past about services offered to them.

He said that some students who moved to other institutions complained about issues surrounding lectures and issues of accommodation.  

Josob stated that if the students were not happy about the university they are at liberty to cancel their arrangement and move on to another institution.

┬á“In the past students complained but we were able to meet┬áthe management of the Univesity where we informed them about students displeasure. We made sure that we met the university in attempt to make sure that the university offered services of acceptable standards,” said Josob.

He could not state the number of the students who left for ABM.

Some of the students had a dispute with the institutions where they demanded to be refunded some of the money meant for accommodation, he said

“There were issues in the past about accommodation and lecturing┬á of students in Setswana where we managed to intervene and resolved the problem,” added Josob.┬á

He said that some students were still unhappy and they preferred to leave for other institutions.


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