Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Nchindo feared for his life

Weeks before his death, Louis Nchindo was worried that the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) was tailing him and probably had a bullet with his name on it.
Nchindo told The Sunday Standard that he had been warned by friends in the South African intelligence that DIS was conspiring with a certain local lawyer, a South African cabinet minister and his wife to bring him down.

He alerted his family and President Lt Gen Ian Khama asking for protection. He also tried to rope in The Sunday Standard and private attorney Dick Bayford to help expose the plot.
Nchindo arranged that Sunday Standard and Bayford meet the South African intelligence operatives who claimed they had dossier linking DIS, their lawyer friend, the South African minister and his wife to the plot against Nchindo.

The South African intelligence operatives allegedly claimed that they have a dossier proving that DIS and their lawyer were behind a story that appeared in the South African Sunday World newspaper last month, alleging that Nchindo had impregnated two young girls and forced them to commit abortions. They claimed to have printouts showing communication between the two girls, DIS and the lawyer.
Bayford and the Sunday Standard were, however, reluctant to go to South Africa as they suspected that this was a plot to lure Nchindo into a trap in South Africa.

On the Sunday that he disappeared, Nchindo was expecting a story in the Sunday Times revealing the plot by DIS, the lawyer and the South African minister to bring him down. Nchindo was also aware that the government enclave was jittery over reports that he was putting finishing touches to his autobiography which was to be serialized in the Sunday Standard.

He told Sunday Standard that he had met Lt Gen Ian Khama to assure him that he had nothing to worry about in his autobiography. This was before the Sunday Standard broke the story revealing how De Beers and Debswana have been funding the ruling Botswana Democratic Party and its leaders. BDP leaders were convinced that the story was leaked by Nchindo.

Former President, Festus Mogae, gave a media interview saying that Nchindo had blackmailed him that he would leak the story if Mogae did not stop the investigations against him. Nchindo had since distanced himself from the story and maintained that he never blackmailed Mogae.

Nchindo was reported missing last Sunday. His van and part of his decomposing body were recovered about 100 kilometres from his home in Kasane. Investigations into Nchindo’s mysterious death are due to be completed by Friday, the police have revealed.

Nchindo’s family is said to have reported him missing on February 7th. A missing persons docket was opened. The police have also revealed that the family also reported that Nchindo’s pistol and shotgun were also missing from his safe, where they were usually kept.

A search team comprising law enforcement agents was later assembled. It is reported that BDF and police helicopters were used in his search. On February 10th the search team discovered his white 4×4 about 20km from Pandamatenga. The vehicle was found locked. The next day, at the crack of dawn, the search team discovered Nchindo’s remains a few meters away from his truck.

As his body was severely mangled, the search team continued to scour the area in the hope that they may discover some of his body parts. They were later ordered to abort the search. Deputy Police Commissioner Kenny Kapinga told Sunday Standard that a team of detectives has been appointed to probe Nchindo’s death. He added that the team is expected to have completed the investigations by Friday. Kapinga was, however, reluctant to divulge information as to what could have caused Nchindo’s death. He kept on saying that the police there are investigating a possible suicide. The police did not find any suicide note.



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