Saturday, January 16, 2021

New twist in Nchindo death

In a dramatic turn of events, the South African man who is believed to be the link between Louis Nchindo and alleged South African intelligence operatives who claimed that the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) was plotting to bring Nchindo down this week filed criminal charges against Nchindo’s family.

The man, known only as Malcolm X, has filed criminal charges with the Sandton Police Station in South Africa against Nicole Nchindo, Anthony Nchindo and Michele Nchindo for allegedly intimidating him.

Malcolm X claims that Nchindo’s children have been badgering him with cellular phone text messages blaming him for their father’s death. In one of the text messages, Nchindo’s children are alleged to have warned Malcolm X against attending Nchindo’s memorial service two weeks ago.

The criminal case was registered on 23rd February under case number CAS 122/2/2/2010.

Malcolm X, who is also a music promoter, spoke to the Sunday Standard last week about his last meeting with the deceased multi-millionaire, but would not discuss details of the meeting between Nchindo and the alleged South African intelligence agents on the morning of Thursday February 4th, three days before Nchindo disappeared.
Sunday Standard investigations have also turned up information that the informants who told Nchindo that the DIS, a South African minister and a local lawyer were plotting to bring him down are two of four South African ex-convicts who staged one of the biggest prison expos├®s in the world.

They had surveillance cameras smuggled into Grootvlei prison to film the corruption and violence between warders and prisoners, and released the videos to the press in 2002. They caught warders on film supplying drugs and alcohol to inmates, pimping young inmates to older prisoners, and even captured warders on tape giving prisoners a loaded pistol to use in an escape. They became household names in South Africa and their expose is now being produced into a multi-million pula movie. Two of the four allegedly told Nchindo that they were working with the South African Intelligence Agency and warned him that they had stumbled into a plot to bring him down.

Information passed to the Sunday Standard reveals that Nchindo met the agents on the morning of February 4th in Johannesburg. The meeting is believed to have discussed a story which the intelligence agents claimed to have leaked to the Sunday Times in South Africa, detailing the plan to “bring down” Nchindo. It is understood that the agents promised Nchindo that the story would be appearing in the Sunday Times and agreed to meet him in Kasane on the Sunday that he went missing. They were to bring with them the dossier on the plot against Nchindo.

After the meeting, Nchindo is believed to have driven to ABSA bank in Johannesburg before proceeding to Lanseria Airport where he boarded a plane to Gaborone. On the afternoon of February 4th Nchindo flew from Gaborone to Kasane.

Shortly before he left for Kasane, Nchindo was excited that his case against the state was now drawing to a close and that the Sunday Times would be running a story clearing his name following a story that had previously appeared in the South African Sunday World claiming that he had impregnated South African teenagers.

The story did not appear in the Sunday Times and the newspaper offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg insist that they never had such a story in their news diary. The Sunday Standard has not been able to establish if the alleged South African intelligence operatives honoured their Kasane date with Nchindo.
While in Kasane, Nchindo is understood to have faxed his family and copied the letter to President Lt Gen Ian Khama, repeating the allegations he had made to the Sunday Standard weeks earlier, that the DIS and a certain local lawyer and a South African minister and his businesswoman wife were conspiring to bring him down.

Nchindo’s son, Garvas, told a memorial service at the Anglican Cathedral in Gaborone last Wednesday that he spoke to his father on Sunday “and he informed me of his realization that the information he had been receiving over the past two weeks, which had created a strong feeling of insecurity within him, was indeed false. After our conversation I called him back to check on him and he said he was fine. On Monday, I was informed that Dad had left on Sunday afternoon at around 4 and had not returned”.

Nchindo is believed to have established contact with the alleged South African intelligence agents following the story that appeared in the Sunday World about two months ago claiming that Nchindo had impregnated South African young girls.


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