Thursday, July 18, 2024

Ngwato Land Board interdicted over allocation of ranches

The High Court has granted six disgruntled farmers an interim order against Ngwato Land Board over the allocation of commercial ranches in Sandveld.

The farmer’s lawyer Annah Motlhagodi confirmed the interim order was granted on 5 October.
“My clients had a genuine expectation that they would be allocated the land. The interim order prohibits the land board from disseminating its resolutions regarding the allocations until this matter is concluded,” said Motlhagodi.

Molatlhegi Mmopi, Themba Bathamile, Kenny Mmopi Badiredi Mmopi, Motshereganyi Mmopi and Selebogo Moremi are contesting the manner with which the ranches were allocated, claiming lack of transparency.

There are allegations that the Ngwato Land Board gave preference and allocated land to some businessmen to own ranches in the area to the detriment of existing community members and farmers.
The Ngwato Land Board initially claimed no knowledge of the interim order but later offered: “We don’t have the details of that interdict as of now,” the land board spokesperson, Chandapiwa Baputaki, said.


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