Saturday, May 25, 2024

No change for Botswana in 2015 Africa Competitiveness Report

Botswana’s competitiveness showed no signs of improving as the country failed to record any movements in its ranking in the 2014/2015 global competitiveness index Africa report.

The country clenched the 74th spot in 2013 which it also retained in the 2014/2015 report. South Africa and Mauritius were the top performers as they ranked 39th and 56th respectively. Meanwhile countries such as Botswana (74th), Rwanda (62nd) and Algeria (79th) are positioned in the second cluster of competitiveness and are considered to be more competitive than Latin America and on average.

In its analysis of the African continent, the 2014/2015 report noted that the continent’s growth against the odds, which for a decade surpassed average global growth, was dampened by inert competitiveness.

“Yet, despite maintaining such healthy growth rates for over a decade, Africa’s levels of productivity are low and overall competitiveness has remained stagnantÔÇöa concern voiced since the first Africa Competitiveness Report came out in 1998.”

Botswana, considered a resource rich economy due to its diamond deposits does not however carry the mark of other African countries. The 2014/2015 report discloses that the mineral exporters (Guinea 144th, Mali 128th, Mauritania 141st, Mozambique 133rd, Sierra Leone 138th, and Zimbabwe 124th) fall at the bottom 20 out of a total of 144 countries. “The poor performance of resource-rich economies indicates that they have not been able to effectively channel their natural resource revenues to enhance their competitiveness,” states the report. While Botswana has not demonstrated any resilience in raising its competitive standing, it however performed better than its mineral rich counterparts, which trail notably in the bottom 20.


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