Tuesday, May 21, 2024

No government sponsorship to tertiary institutions for thousands of students

Some students in Botswana have failed to secure government scholarships to tertiary institutions despite the fact that they scored 36 points and above in their Form 5 examinations. The Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Keletso Rakhudu, last week revealed that government was not able to sponsor 1831 students to pursue their tertiary studies due to budgetary constraints.

He was responding to a question posed in parliament by Francistown South MP, Wynter Mmolotsi, who had wanted to know the total number of students who were unable to get government sponsorship this year, despite scoring 36 points and above in their Form 5 examinations.

Mmolotsi also sought to know what government intends to do with those students who were unable to get sponsorship. The minister reiterated that government had nothing in place for those who were unsuccessful in their bid to get government sponsorship.

“It is the responsibility of a student who failed to secure funding for higher education to apply for the same anytime in the future,” he said, adding that consideration for government sponsorship is on a competitive basis.

Government has also taken a decision not to sponsor students for repeats and retakes.

“Earlier this year, the ministry took a decision not to sponsor students for repeats, re-sits and retakes,” said Rakhudu. He said that, as such, government will not extend sponsorship to students who re-sit or re-take exams in both private and public institutions. He, however, pointed out that such a decision can be waived if there are ‘compelling’ reasons as to why a student is retaking or re-sitting an examination.


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