Friday, December 1, 2023

No learning at secondary schools yet

There was no learning taking place at Ramotswa’s secondary schools on Monday after schools re-opened.

The schools had been closed due to the nationwide strike action by public servants.

At Kagiso Senior Secondary, students were assembled in different groups as officials from the Ministry of Education and Skills Development kept a watchful eye on them. Officials from the ministry did not like the sight of members of the press at the school and subsequently denied to facilitate interviews with the school head.

Form Four students read scripts from the Bible while the school head addressed Form Five students inside the school hall. Teachers who had reported for work sat idly outside the hall as the Telegraph was barred from entering the hall.

An official who did not wish to be named said they had received instructions from the Ministry not to speak to members of the press about the situation at schools. He did not say who specifically gave the instruction. They also did not wish students to be photographed. 

At Kelemogile and Ramotswa Secondary Schools, students were seen going home as early as 10 a.m while Kagiso senior students were sent home around 11 a.m.

Some of the students who spoke to The Telegraph said they were going home as there were no cooks at their schools.

Education Minister, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, ordered reopening of schools after a wave of violence erupted at various schools throughout the country.

The five public sector unions continued their strike action on Monday with, among others, demands that the government reinstates fired essential services employees unconditionally while they have accepted a three percent pay hike offered by the government.


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