Monday, September 25, 2023

No Motswana abroad has succumbed to Covid vaccine

The Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation (MIAC) has said they are not aware of any cases of Batswana who have succumbed to any adverse side effects after vaccination outside the country.

In response to a questionnaire, the ministry said it is committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of Batswana abroad especially through the provision of consular services. 

“In this regard, in response to the rolling out of Covid-19 vaccination programmes in different countries, our missions abroad continue to ensure that Batswana in those countries are regularly updated on the ongoing vaccination processes,” the ministry said.

Asked how many Batswana have been vaccinated outside the country since vaccination began in the country, MIAC said, “accordingly, a number of Batswana abroad have indicated that they have been inoculated in their countries of residence, while others have opted not to be vaccinated. For example, in West Africa, 22 adult Batswana confirmed their inoculation, with the majority being female.”

According to the response, to date, no reports have been submitted of vaccine-related deaths of Batswana living abroad. Quizzed on whether any Motswana was part of vaccine trials in countries that were manufacturing vaccines, the foreign affairs ministry said they are not in receipt of information indicating that any Motswana participated in vaccine trials.

“Our missions also continue to encourage Batswana to access public health information platforms in their respective countries of residence to ensure that they are well informed on Covid-19 testing, treatment and vaccination services and how they can access them,” said the ministry.

“We have ascertained from our missions that Batswana along with other foreign nationals have access to vaccines in their countries of residence, in line with the established protocols,” MIAC added.

In the event where a Motswana living abroad dies of Covid-19, the ministry said, “Countries around the world have established guidelines in place for the handling of deceased Covid-19 patients. In this regard, in the case of the loss of a Motswana due to Covid-19, the applicable regulations of the respective country would be followed.”


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