Thursday, May 23, 2024

No plans for a cinema at Rail Park Mall

Movie fanatics who shop at Rail Park Mall will have to wait a bit longer, if not forever, to enjoy their favourite Hollywood blockbusters at the mall. If a recent statement by Khumo Property Asset Management Chief Executive Officer, Outule Bale, is anything to go by, those who were hoping for cinema experience at the relatively new mall may have to wait a bit longer. Located at the bus rank, the Rail Park Mall receives an unprecedented 800 000 feet traffic per month. One would think such a monolithic mall would be the perfect location for a cinema, but the CEO disagrees.

“Operating a cinema is not easy and it is extremely expensive to construct one,” Bale said.

He added that in cases where a cinema proves unprofitable, it becomes even more expensive to renovate and make space for other businesses given the nature of its construction. He further opined that cinemas that are currently operating in Botswana cannot claim to be successful. Despite a number of cinemas mushrooming in Botswana, only three of them, Game City, Masa Centre, and Riverwalk, have cinemas.

However, the Rail Park Mall is well known for hosting popular events such as the finale of be Mobile Mega Million Car Promotion and the Sky Girls Launch. It also hosted a number of high profile events like the recent Mommies’ Day Cook Off and Comedy Nights.

The mall is also undergoing a facelift. A statement from the management says the facelift project will allow for hosting of more high calibre events and provide shoppers with a variety of entertainment options.

“The aim of the face lift project is to retain customer loyalty and provide customers with a more exciting shopping experience at the mall,” said Bale.

He added that they want to improve their brand experience over time so that they can give the best value to those who visit the mall.

“When our brand interacts with consumers we want to tell the best brand story ever told,” he said.


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