Friday, March 31, 2023

North Botswana records 17% increase in armed robberies

The northern part of Botswana may be becoming more dangerous and has recorded a 17% increase in armed robberies in 2015.


Police in the North Region announced this week that they have recorded 167 cases of armed robberies in 2015 an increase of 24 or 16,7 % from 143 cases recorded last year.

During the last three quarters of 2015 the police also recorded an increase in the number of violent and intrusive crimes involving individuals, households and businesses in the Northern Division.
Police Divisional Commander (North), Assistant Police Commissioner Dinah Marathe disclosed the growing crime statistics during a consultative meeting with Security Companies last week in Francistown.
“However there were some improvements in other offences such as burglary and theft where 302 cases were recorded compared to 398 in the previous year. As for store breaking and theft we recorded 243 compared to 370 in the same period. You will also note that some people who fell victim to these crimes were members of our organizations who had committed and given their lives to protecting what we all stand for as the public safety and security community,” she said.
Marathe said as part of their strategy to enlist partnership and community participation in the fight against crime, the Botswana Police Service is harnessing efforts to work with the public and the business community to join hands in observing the Sixty Days of Action on Crime and Road Safety. She said this campaign runs from 1st November to 31st December every year with the objective of bringing all public and corporate citizens together and have them move in unison for a safe and peaceful festive season.
“With this campaign we call all members of the public to take steps to enhance their safety and security on roads, homes, businesses and neighbourhoods by paying more attention to their personal security, security of offices or businesses, household security and security of vehicles and other valuables that may attract uncanny behaviors in public spaces,” she added.
She further said that the Sixty Days of Action on Crime and Road Safety also covers issues of road safety as it affects individuals and businesses alike.. She said security companies alike operate large and vehicular fleets as the industry dictates that they should be mobile at all times in service of their customers. 
“For this reason, it is in order that we invite you to buy into the Sixty Days of Action concept and implore you to encourage your employees, especially drivers to observe very basic but important things such as, drinking and driving, over speeding, obeying all road signs and markings, wearing reflective clothing when walking at night and making proper use of the road as pedestrians,” Marathe said.
She said for the campaign to achieve its objectives, there was need for partnership and support from institutions such as security company industry. She said security companies have the furthest reach and together they can cover more ground than working as individual organizations in isolation.
The objective of the meeting was to renew the Police and Security companies’ joint commitments to ensure public safety as well as to find ways to further complement each other’s efforts during the festive season.


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