Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Not a good start for Kim Kardashian deal with De Beers

When De Beers invited Reggie Bush, who brought his ex girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, along to Botswana recently on the Diamond Empowerment Fund mission, little did the mining outfit bother to inform their point person that the largest diamond producer is not in South Africa.

According to a recent Blog in the UK Guardian, Kardashian stated that Botswana is in South Africa. This has not gone down well with Batswana who feel insulted over a country that is less marketed abroad.

“We are here in Botswana, South Africa! Wow what a long flight!” she was quoted as saying.

De Beers declined to comment on the article.

The spokesperson for the diamond company in Botswana, Chipo Morapedi, wrote to Sunday Standard: “Thank you for your enquiry in respect of the commentary made in the For De Beers Botswana’s part please note that we don’t engage in hearsay.”

Head of De Beers in Botswana, Sheila Khama, told Sunday Standard before Kim came to Botswana that: “We hope that her visit will add to the voice of the Diamond Fund.”

Kim Kardashian came under the auspices of Russell Simmon’s Diamond Empowerment Fund.

The Blog added: “As for Kim’s business in the South African town of Botswana, it won’t surprise you for a minute to learn that she is on a De Beers-assisted humanitarian mission.
Genuinely. It’s called the Diamond Empowerment Fund tour of Africa, and marks the moment you realised we always put our best people on this stuff.”


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