Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Notorious Gabs drug lord nabbed in a war against drugs

The Diamond and Narcotics Squad of Botswana police Service have vowed to crack down on drug lords around the country.

This is part of their efforts to curb  imports of drugs into Botswana.

 The Squad is adamant that so far they are winning the fight.

In an interview, the  Deputy Officer in Command of the   Diamond and Narcotics Squad, Albert Morapedi indicated that they have taken a war against drugs to the drug lords and those selling drugs in the streets.

He said they are aware of public criticism that Botswana Police is not doing enough.

Morapedi indicated that statistics show that the number of Batswana who are involved in drug business is high.

 He said, Batswana follow nationals from Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Swaziland who are involved in selling drugs.

Morapedi has vowed  to crackdown on drug lords to curb growing incidents of illicit drugs market in the country.

Morapedi stated that they have seen an increasing number of illicit drugs such as dagga,cocaine, heroine and methocatholyn.

 Morapedi said that they were able to arrest those involved in illicit drugs through the help of the public.

He said that they have already arrested a drug baron in Gaborone who is believed to be controlling a sizable network of persons involved in the illegal drug trade.

Morapedi  says some people involved in selling of drugs usually decline to share information about individuals who supply them with drugs.

He stated in an interview that usually those arrested for selling drugs in the streets opt to face criminal charges for possession of such drugs rather than disclosing the identity of kingpin.

He said that such individuals confess to them that they fear the drug lords.

He said they were able to arrest drug lords and those involved in selling through community participation who report such cases.

According to Morapedi there were 639 cases  in 2014 of dagga cases  while there were 652 in 2015.    

Meanwhile , Morapedi indicated that in 2014 there was no heroine case.

Only one case of heroine  was registered in 2015 .

Morapedi said that all the drugs that are consumed here are not manufactured inside the country. He said that most of these drugs were smuggled though ungazetted points of entry while others were smuggled through borders.

Morapedi further stated that they intend to crackdown on some of the hot spots where drugs are sold in Gaborone.


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