Thursday, July 18, 2024

Notwane cry foul

The destiny of some teams in the Botswana Premier League and the conclusion of the 2021/22 league looks set to be decided on the boardroom and not on the field of play.

This comes as the Botswana Football Associating (BFA) conflict resolution bodies are readying to listen to complaints which may determine how next season’s league teams will line up.

Among the issues before the conflict resolution chambers is the matter of the alleged registration of players by Extension Gunners despite being barred from such. The matter was brought before the BFA by relegation bound Notwane.

Perhaps seeking to avoid relegation, the latter has written a complaint to the BFA against extension Gunners’ registration of players for the season 2021/22. The motive by BFA to allow Gunners to register players is puzzling according to Notwane.

According to Notwane, injustice has been done to them as they had to compete with a team that registered players despite a FIFA ban not to do such, hence the belief that the points the lost to Gunners should be brought back.

“It is our conviction that we are entitled to points lost to Gunners as a result of the registering players against the ban. This illegal registration of players has compromised the integrity of the competition.

In their letter headlined “improper player registration during 2021/2022 season –Extension Gunners FC – official complaint”, Notwane want to know why the team was allowed to register players against the FIFA ban.

The formal complaint by Notwane is pertaining to the registration of players by Extension Gunners FC during the 2021/22 season. It has come to our attention (and documents shared) that the FIFA Dispute. Resolution Chamber ordered Extension Gunners FC on the 14th October 2020 not to register players (registration ban), particularly during the said period.

Notwane observed that the registration ban applied to registration, loaning and transfer of players from the date of decision until full payment. As at the 2021/22 season, Gunners had failed to pay as ordered and the ban is in place and effective.

“Extension Gunners has in breach of the registration ban, registered, loaned and/or transferred players during the 2021/22 season. The registration above, which occurred at the beginning of the season and during the January window, meant that the affected players were improperly registered. This as a result prejudiced the clubs that observed the transfer regulations like us. The said club was aware of the ban and its decision to register players contrary to the FIFA Ban was deliberate and punishable” read the complaint letter.

The aggrieved Notwane noted that despite all the BFA undertakings “The BFA was also aware of the ban but in disregard of the FIFA ban facilitated the illegality.

Notwane sought the BFL to immediately and/or urgently establish and verify the improper registration and refer the issue to appropriate bodies for action.


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