Monday, July 22, 2024

Now BMD turns on itself

The Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) and its youth league are at each other’s throat following a decision by the latter to call for the resignation of the party’s President Sidney Pilane.

The war of words escalated this week between party national spokesperson Rasina Rasina and youth league secretary general Leak Seboko over a letter by the league calling on Pilane’s resignation.

Rasina on Monday issued a press statement stating that the National Working Committee (NWC) of the BMD met on 09th July 2018 to discuss amongst the letter to the NWC on the 04th of July 2018 by some young people of the BMD.

“The NWC naturally so, afforded much attention to the letter as presented by the eight (8) young members of the BMD. Though the NWC learnt that amongst the eight (8) signatories of the said letter, four (4) have since written another letter distancing themselves from the initial letter and its contents, the NWC has however resolved that such a matter needed to be given appropriate attention and be afforded a deliberation and engagement,” said Rasina.

According to Rasina, the NWC has further learnt, through corrections and advice that the letter, is not necessarily from the Youth League of the BMD as a party structure.

“But, that it is a letter from four (4) members of the party who happens to be youth. Thus, they are, nor were they, in their communication, representing the BMD Youth League nor its views. The NWC has thus in its deliberations, managed to separate issues and be able to handle those matters that the NWC is empowered to do so by the NEC delegated authority,” said Rasina.

Rasina said after deliberations on the matter as appearing on the agenda, the NWC resolved that it has no power, authority nor standing to make resolutions or provide focus on the matters and contents raised by the letter.

“The NWC has thus escalated the letter, and its contents, rightfully so, to the National Executive Committee. The NEC has a statutory scheduled meeting for tomorrow (10th July 2018). The National Executive Committee has since agreed to include as part of its agenda, the contents of the mentioned letter for their deliberations and decision-making,” said Rasina.

He added that “The NWC thus requests for calm, sober minds from the members of the BMD and members of the opposition collective. The NWC further pleads that the members of the BMD, our structures and the public at large allow the NEC to openly deliberate on the matter as raised, and be able to provide guidance and leadership as appropriate.”

Replying to Rasina’s statement, Seboko stated that “Undoubtedly there is sickness in our political corridors. We find ourselves having to respond to individuals who long reached the political dustbins primarily due to a lack of a consciousness!!”

“Allow me to state that the working committee that met this morning was nothing but a gathering of friends with a ploy to divert attention and push for an egomaniac agenda known only to them. This gathering did not even form a quorum genuine to be referred to as a working committee.”

Seboko expressed concern that there is ongoing intimidation of the youth league by the mother body. “Money has ruined our party. Disparities of the young generation have become their undoing. We are aware of the splashing of cash by some of our leaders in effort to derail this course. The message to those who have been given the money is ‘’Eat it”, a go lele leino sebete sa Brahman se jewe. At the end do not betray the country. Hold firm to Your beliefs. Advocate Sidney Pilane must go.”

He added that “It is within us to save what is left of our party. If we do not rise today and deny false prophets like Rasina to distort truth, we would have failed future generations.” 


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