Friday, March 1, 2024

Nthebolan still on forced leave

More than a month after she was forced to go on leave, the Managing Director of Botswana Development Corporation, Maria Nthebolan, has not reported back to work.

Nthebolan was forced into a leave of absence as part of the long running showdown between BDC executive management on the one hand, and the corporation Board of Directors on the other.

This week, BDC head of Public Affairs, Gomolemo Zimona, confirmed to The Telegraph that Nthebolan has not come back.
“As far as I am aware she is still away,” said Zimona.

Information reaching The Telegraph is that Nthebolan has now lost the knack for a fight and wants out of BDC.

She is currently negotiating an exit package with the Board, a BDC insider said.

Last week she was seen at the BDC office, meeting some of the Board representatives.

She was not available for comment.

If it’s true that she wants out, it may not come as a shock since dynamics have over the last few weeks changed significantly tilting the scales of balance against Nthebolan and her allies at the Ministry of Finance.

First was the publishing of the report by the Parliamentary select committee which was damning in its findings about Nthebolan, her other executive managers as well as the Minister of Finance, Ken Matambo who was himself a former BDC Managing Director and Nthebolan supervisor.

After the report was published cabinet moved swiftly to implement a long delayed transfer of BDC from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to that of Trade.

At the moment Matambo has made known his plans to challenge the validity of the parliamentary report and get it nullified at the High Court.

For her part, Nthebolan is also challenging the report at the High Court as well as suing a number of media houses.


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