Friday, December 1, 2023

Ntsa stamps his authority with new music offering

Local motswako artist, Ntsa, has now stamped his authority on the sound waves with his new hit single, Bona Sweetie.

This single, which is currently getting impressive airplay on local radio stations, is a must to listen to for all music lovers.

It has the contemporary hip-hop beat fused with a colourful addition of local flavour most Batswana have come to know and love.

Bona Sweetie is a contender for top mention and is currently doing well regarding air play and response from listeners. It has been received well by motswako listeners as it is also most talked about nowadays.

Many will remember Ntsa from Tswana Breed album, which made him a darling of many motswako lovers.
Tswana Breed took his career to another level as he was inspired by his followers to start Tswana Breed clothing label. This was after many of his fans saw him wearing a Tswana Breed album promotional t-shirt on stage.

Unlike his debut album, titled Tswana Breed, which was released in 2007, Ntsa possesses a lot of development and maturity in this new album.

The album has a composition of vibrant, youthful rhythmic beats which can steer up the hysteria of the township.

Bona Sweetie talks about a girl who will do anything to get your attention even though you are not into her at all. It is a message which is common in our townships and listeners can openly familiarise with the lyrical content.

In all his skills, Ntsa is also a lyricists and a songwriter. He composes his own music and writes his verses.

Ntsa was inspired by none other than motswako genre pioneers, Tuks Senganga, Molemi, Hip hop Pantsula and Morafe.

Ntsa is also set to realise his lifelong dream as he is set to work with his hero and icon, Tuks Senganga, a South African artist.

“In 2012 Ntsa got into talks with Tuks Senganga of June/July records, who invited him to Mafikeng for a show. From then, their business relation was established and the rest shall be revealed in time,” said Ntsa’s manager, Dikakanyo Kaote.

The single is going to be launched in Selibe Phikwe in April.

Ntsa’s album was produced by Thabang Ratshee of Ayday Records. The rapper is now under the new management of Magic Apple creations.


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