Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Ntshingane denies nepotism accusations

Wheels are coming off the Botswana Football Association (BFA).

Despite being led by Maclean Letshwiti, vice president Masego Nchingane is allegedly calling the shots at the disgruntled local football mother body.

A close source at the BFA technical committee alleges Nchingane has been throwing his weight around under the guise that he has the backing of the BFA president. 

Sources revealed that Nchingane, who is under the employ of the Botswana Defence Force (BDF), is a man ruling with an iron fist and relentlessly disregards laid down recruitment procedures because of his proximity to the top echelons of power at Lekidi football centre.

While the former Zebras midfielder denies allegations, it is alleged that Ntshingane has lost the plot of the BFA manifesto

With frustrations lingering over members of the technical department, it is reported that the predicaments have since been worsened by the appointment of one Dr. Carolin Braun who has been the Acting Technical Director of the association since the departure of one Serame Letsoaka.

It is said that the German lady is clueless about the feel and structures of local football but was appointed to protect and marshal the interests of Ntshingane and most importantly of Adel Amrouche, the Senior National Team coach who has been serving in all national teams and attends media interviews on behalf of Amrouche.

‘’ Despite being brought to Botswana as a specialised consultant for a particular assignment, Braun has been running the show at the technical department and has not been focusing on her core duties she was given when recruited but instead has been acting in almost all the other assignments which are not part of her role in Botswana. At the time of her appointment Tshepo Mphukuthi or Pio Paul were earmarked to take over on acting basis, but Ntshingane bull dozed everything to ensure that Braun takes the portfolio,’’ a source told Sunday Standard.

The governance blunders fingered against Ntshingane also allege to have once orchestrated the ascendancy of one Letang Rasta Kgengwenyane to be assistant coach to Amrouche despite the technical committee advising otherwise.

It is reported that Kgengwenyane is not qualified. This was recently confirmed by the club licensing body that wrote a letter to BDF XI explaining that the club has partially failed the requirement because of their coach’s credentials. It is in this manner that sources claim that Ntshingane simply favored Kgengwenyane because they are both under the employ of the BDF.

When approached with these damning allegations, Ntshingane downplayed the matter saying he is a principled and disciplined man who acts by the book.

“There is a just a lot of things that people fabricate within football cycles. This thing of pointing fingers and saying a lot is not doing any good for the game. We have just returned from a retreat and believe things will turn to the better and can’t say anything much for now,” shortly said Ntshingane.


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