Sunday, July 3, 2022

Ntuane calls for the sacking of Kgathi and Mokaila

Botswana Movement for Democracy MP, Botsalo Ntuane, made his maiden contribution as BMD parliamentarian felt in parliament Monday as he called for the sacking of ministers Kitso Mokaila and Shaw Khathi for failing to live to expectations over the just ended World Cup bonanza in neighbouring South Africa that was initially envisaged to attract massive financial benefits to Batswana.

Moving a motion in parliament calling for the government to institute a commission of enquiry over allegations of incompetence by the Task Force headed by the ministers, Ntuane shot from the hip, arguing the duo had failed Batswana.

He said in a mature democracy the ministers would have automatically resigned their posts.
Ministers Mokaila and Kgathi had hailed the tournament as a boost to Botswana’s economy where even the small entrepreneurs would reap the spin-offs.

“I know some of you would take this request lightly. But the people out there are murmuring over the benefits that they were promised that never materialized. They want to know the strategies applied to attract potential tourists and how many of them were met. They want to know the people assigned to the task force and how often the task force led by Mokaila and Kgathi travelled overseas to attract these tourists. And to avoid such labels that the two ministers and their team were jacketing around and gallivanting around the world using taxpayers money with nothing to show, our government should not sweep their concerns under the carpet but institute a commission of enquiry,” he argued, adding that “proper governance must always account to allegations that taints its image”.

The government of Botswana, he insisted, spent a lot of money with some crucial projects sidelined to pave the way for the World Cup.

The World Cup projects which included, among others, the renovations, refurbishment and even the erection of new stadiums, none of which facilities met the deadline.

“Mokaila and Kgathi must come out and account to the nation for these anomalies where the right hand never communicated well with its left hand. They are busy communicating with foreign teams to host them on friendlies while they knew very well the stadiums were far behind schedule with far reaching overruns. In a mature and democratic country the duo could have long resigned from their posts.”

He said alternatively the president could sack the two.


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