Sunday, June 16, 2024

Ntuane urges BDP to recall Khama

Gaborone West South Member of Parliament, Botsalo Ntuane, has called on Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) to recall President Ian Khama.

In what has been billed as the biggest political rally in the history of politics, the Botswana Movement for Democracy deputy chairman told an estimated more than 15 000 people who thronged the Chedu ChoGa Freedom Square in Francistown that Khama is running the BDP down.

“If they want to save the BDP they should recall Ian Khama,” he said.
Ntuane argued that one party rule breeds corruption and that Khama’s administration has undermined Botswana’s culture of good governance.

“We want to change government and save the country’s democracy,” he said.
BMD parliamentarian, Wynter Mmolotsi, accused Khama of undermining government’s decision making structures. Citing the alcohol levy hike, he said Khama had a penchant for making unilateral decisions with no regard for the implications.

Mmolotsi said that Khama lacks the very discipline he claims to uphold.
“He is always attacking people accusing them of being power hungry, but he is the one who is power hungry because he holds multiple positions.”

He cited Julius Malema among the many people Khama has attacked publicly.
Mmolotsi said it was disheartening that government is paying Ipelegeng workers below the minimum wage.

“If the government violates our labour laws, the private companies are going to take that as a cue to follow suit.”

Tati East MP Guma Moyo revealed that he was sacked from cabinet because he would not do a favour for Vice President Mompati Merafhe. He said it was disturbing that Khama told a rally in Francistown that Moyo quit the BDP in protest after he was dropped from cabinet. Moyo explained that prior to his expulsion, he was summoned to Merafhe’s office and warned that if he did not accede to the favour he would be relegated to the backbench.

“They went on BTV and said I had resigned. I did not resign, I was forced to resign,” said Moyo.
“I was asked to resign and told to inform the nation that I was going to pursue my business interests and I refused,” said Moyo. He said that if Khama is not interested in power as he claims, he would not be busy running around the country discrediting BMD.
“They are running around the country to protect their political power.”

Party youth activist, Dimpho Mashaba, accused Khama of lavishing taxpayers’ money on himself. He cited the close to P20million that was used to refurbish the state house and the purchase of a P1.8 million caravan for Khama. He said that the money could have been used to sponsor students for tertiary education.


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