Saturday, February 24, 2024

Nurses threaten go slow over uniform allowances

Government has failed to pay close to 8000 nurses P300 in uniform allowances which may force them to provide services slowly.

Botswana Nurses Union (BNU) has in the past issued a statement by Secretary General Aobakwe Lesole complaining and threatening to go slow if government fails to meet their demands on personal protective equipment (PPE’s) and related benefits. 

This publication understands that the threats came after they complained about government’s treatment to Nurses stationed at Boarder post without being provided with PPE’s and accommodation to fight Covid-19 pandemic.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Botswana Nurses Union, President Obonolo Rahube confirmed that 8000 nurses are without uniform allowances for April/May 2021.

Government also failed to effect payment in September 2021 for compensation for non-provision of uniforms.

Information gleaned this week from a letter dated 22 April 2021, addressed to their attorney Tshiamo Rantao, confirmed government wanted to speed up the process to pay nurses their uniform allowances.

“Reference is made to our cell phone discussion and your letter Ref: TR/7691 dated 21st April 2021 on the above subject matter. We, first and foremost, wish to humbly apologise for the logistical mishaps that occurred at the Ministry of Health and Wellness, which resulted in Nurses not receiving the agreed upon monthly uniform allowance of three hundred pula (P300.00) for the month of April 2021,” said Tefo Bogosi.

Bogosi wrote the letter on behalf of DPSM acknowledging receipt of an advice from the Ministry of Health that government will pay uniform allowance for May 2021 on time and the allowance for April 2021 will also be paid in the same month.

“We have received re-assurances from the Ministry of Health and Wellness that the uniform allowance for the month of May 2021 will be paid on schedule in May 2021. Furthermore, the uniform allowance for the month of April 2021, which are now in arrears, will be paid in May 2021. It is sincerely hoped and believed that going forward the uniform allowance will be paid on schedule,” read part of the letter from Bogosi.

Bogosi emphasised that government has agreed and re-assures the affected parties that the Ministry remains committed to effecting payment in September 2021 for compensation for non-provision of uniforms in the past. 

Bogosi further stated that it has been and still remains government’s intention to honour the agreement. 

“We once again tender our apology for the mishap and request that it not be viewed as an attempt to derogate from our agreement, “said Bogosi.


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