Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Nurses’ Society raises P40 000 worth of clothing for Day Care Center

The Community Relief Day Care Centre (CRDCC) in Tlokweng, an initiative by the  Botswana Retired Nurses Association (BORNUS) recently received a donation of about P40 000 worth of clothing.

The CRDCC was established with the aim of providing quality care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS, orphans and vulnerable children as well as other chronically and terminally ill persons.
The center is mainly  financed through donor agencies, fundraising by board of governors and staff as well as through various income generating activities to ensure sustainability.

Such activities include sale of second hand clothing, sponsored walks, diner dances, amongst others. The donations were made by Percy and Rose Ferguson, the directors of Tops Dry Cleaning, a family business based in White City, Gaborone.

The clothing, which was packed in more than 20 boxes was handed to the center in the presence of the area councilor .

The husband and wife team said that they have in the past donated to other organizations and had this time decided to donate to the Tlokweng Center. Percy said that they mostly think of donating to organizations during this season when people are in need of warmth most. He said that he had come to the center on other business and that is when he realized that they could actually make some sort of contribution to show support.

“We have learnt that we should give no matter how small our gifts are because a blessing is a blessing nonetheless, and God has blessed us so that we in turn could bless others,” said Ferguson.

Lesego Mabone, a member of BORNUS, said that they would start off by distributing the clothes amongst those at the center and end up selling the rest as a way of raising capital for the center.
She said that they raised funds so that they could buy food for the people they are supporting since donors don’t donate food. She thanked the Fergusons, whom she referred to as “humble people” and encouraged other people who wanted to donate to do so as they could use as much help as they could receive.

The CDRCC, which collaborates and networks with other NGOs, offers amongst others, day care services, including feeding, counseling and rehabilitation, counseling, outreach programs on voluntary testing as well as training of caregivers. 


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