Wednesday, August 10, 2022

“BCP is grooming a Frankenstein”

Dictators are not born, they are groomed! They are not there by blood, they are man-made. No baby at birth is born a dictator; but it is the way we treat him/her that can transform, mould and catapult him/her to the dictatorship throne. Adolf Hitler was not born a dictator, but died one.

Mubarak and Mugabe are living examples. It is the way their followers treated and worshipped them that, in the long run made them think that they are untouchable and on top of the world. These words should serve as free lecture to my comrades in the BCP camp; these words must forever remain scripted in their hearts and brains. I have observed with dismay as BCP members continue to sing praise songs to every move made by Cde Dumelang Saleshando. Poems are cited day in and out. Clearly, the BCP’s have handed themselves to Cde Dumelang.

Some misguided elements within the BCP have become arsenals (weapons) that Saleshando use to fight his own personal political battle free of charge. Cde Dumelang together with father (who runs the party through his son in a remote-control method) have become demi-gods. With the way things are unfolding in BCP, the nation must be afraid that a political monster is being groomed in Mr. Dumelang Saleshando. He is a dictator in-the-making! At phase value, he appears a messiah, a stupendous and marvellous politician, but truly his misdeeds are poisonous to Botswana’s politics. BCP’s must be warned!!

I proceed herein with the enumeration and elaboration of grounds and reasons which substantiate my averments. What is happening in BCP is far from practical reality in a normal political set-up. Why?

All party structures are always submissive to the BCP President-That is fake Stability
We are made to believe that the BCP is a very stable party. It is worth-noting that the BCP like any other political entity are made-up of structures like youth-league, women’s league, wards, constituencies, and regions, central and executive committee. Surprisingly, there is never any dissenting view from these numerous structures. The perception which is sought to be created is that they are always in consent. Only a ‘cheap corridor politician’ can fall prey to that blatant lie. I don’t know of any two people who always think the same way and agree on everything; even twins sometimes differ strikingly. I am arguing that it is an aberration or deviation from normality that all party structures can always have a common ground on all fundamental political and socio-economic issues. If this is true, then the BCP must wait for an untold misery and havoc by the time they differ. It should raise one or two eye-brows for a party to have such an order.

Those who are holding dissenting views if any, are most of the time pushing Saleshando’s agenda e.g. recently before BCP quit umbrella Phagenyane Phage was disorderly while Vain Mamela was firing from all corners of a cylinder. It was a matter of time that it became clear that they were simply pushing Dumelang’s agenda. This kind of stability is unheard of; to me it amounts to fake stability. All this is meant to create a wrong picture that Saleshando is sacrosanct and holy. It appears in BCP that a dissenting view is blasphemy. To me Saleshando appears to be a dogmatic leader who simply imposes. The nation must be afraid; a political monster is being groomed in Saleshando!!

Though Saleshando has proved to be a turn-coat, the BCP has deliberately turned a blind eye on that.
Not long ago, Saleshando dismissed the pact model saying the BNF, BAM and BPP have tried it and have failed. He lured and swayed Batswana to support the Umbrella model and went on to agree on the consolidated umbrella policies and programmes. He even told BOFEPUSU (workers) and Batswana to punish any party which will pull out of the umbrella by 2014. When Batswana were enthusiastically rallying behind the Umbrella, he suddenly made a u-turn. In a dramatic twist of events, he started castigating the Umbrella, calling it funny names. While minds lingered on the air, asking which model he will suggest as the best, he surprised many. The BCP leader shamelessly told Batswana even in Matlho-a-phage Btv programme that the pact-model is the way and the truth. That’s Saleshando for you. He never stops amazing. He seems to derive pleasure from holding people at in ransom and playing monkey-tricks with their minds. He mistakenly thinks Batswana are cheap and simple-minded!

Astonishingly, the BCP including some misguided academics and political commentators are dancing to his tune. Some would skin you alive if remind them that Saleshando was a number 1 fan of Umbrella. Truly, the Presidency intoxicates. (I refer the BCP’s to Paul Rantao’s Makatolole book NO.1; Chapter 2 entitled The Presidency intoxicates). From these unfolding, it is evident that Saleshando surely undermines Batswana’s intelligence. I am predicting that BCP is headed for doom and gloom under Saleshando, it is only a matter of time.

No one has ever competed with Saleshando for power within BCP in its fourteen years of existence.
At the BCP competing with Saleshando for power seems to be a taboo! I suspect competing with him is regarded as unconstitutional. When he stood for parliamentary elections for Gaborone Central in 2004, he was un-opposed in BCP. He later stood unchallenged for BCP Publicity. In the most bizarre fashion he inherited Presidency directly from his father. He is truly a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I am not sure whether failure to challenge him suggests leadership shortage in BCP or it simply means the BCP is mechanically programmed to always endorse him without any form of elections. This should send a scary political message to the Batswana, that a political monster is being groomed!

As a matter of fact, Cde Saleshando is cowardly masquerading as the meritorious political Good Samaritan. He now thinks he has the monopoly of wisdom and political prowess. While the BCP continue to grow as a party, so we are told, Saleshando is on the other hand growing big headed even to the nation. Together with his charlatans (Lotty and company) they have launched sustained attacks and vilifications of Cde Boko (One of the few judicious young leaders of our time). The Saleshando we know today is not the Saleshando we grew-up knowing. The man is on a free-fall. His behaviour is not only alien to contemporary politics but is absolutely unprincipled, reactionary and counter-productive. It is clear that Saleshando has besmirched all the democratic ideals in BCP. The party has been reduced to a ‘family business’ and a Saleshando fan club while members have been converted to cheer leaders of comrade Dums!

What I can say to Cde Saleshando is that in Latin people in the struggle would normally shout “Vox populai, vox Dai” meaning the ‘Voice of the people is the voice of God. Batswana need the Umbrella! Workers have spoken! The Youths are in dire need for change. Even old people like Mogae and Masire need the Umbrella!

For advice, the Umbrella arguments should not be reduced to Cde Boko, Motswaledi or Molapisi. That is being too petty and personal. The Umbrella is a national project; it has nothing to do with people’s personal life. Spiting venom on Cde Boko is a misplaced energy. The issue is, we need strong organisations by 2014, not strong individuals, if any that will come as a bonus. The focus should be on policies that will address the socio-economic problems that confront Batswana.

As for the Umbrella leaders, I urge them to soldier-on with the struggle. Mao Tse Tsung said, “Once the struggle is grasped, miracles are possible”. Let us leave the BCP to the hands of God and Batswana for discipline. We should remain resolute and focused. Let’s derive motivation from the American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who said “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop our strengths. When you grow through hardships and decide not to surrender that is strength”.


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