Thursday, December 8, 2022

“BDP activists, hands off our bogosi”

I was present at the Mochudi kgotla meeting of 8th June 2013. It was at this meeting when Kgosi Kgolo Kgafela’s deputy Kgosi Bana Sekai informed his morafe of his intentions to expose the LIES AND DECIETFUL group (LEKOKO). In this article I would like to recap on what was said at the meeting for the benefit of the reader who was not fortunate enough to attend this very important meeting and as a result having to rely on distorted information from ill-informed authors of a press release published in The Botswana Gazzette 12/06/13.

This LEKOKO of retirees and BDP activist allege that Kgosi Sekai is finished thus they say the last kicking of a dyeing horse. There is a subliminal message in this assertion which has been exposed. They have been conniving with the BDP government to replace Kgosi Sekai with his cousin NYAKALE. Nyakale during Kgosi Kgolo Lenchwe’s reign applied for the deputy Paramount Chief Post during Mme Mma Nasha’s era as the minister of the then Ministy of Local Government and Lands. Kgosi Linchwe rebuked and asked him to apply for the Post o Kgosi Kgolo if he wants to be Kgosi, of which he buried his head between his legs (ga nka bo re tlhaa bogosi bo, ga bakake ba tlhola babo bona).

We are aware why Kgosi Mothibe tried to intimidate the tribe by saying “he and he alone would make a decision alone, whether we would hate him or not” That’s if the meeting wouldn’t go according to his plan. He literally called Bakgatla dithaga, weaver birds of which I did not mind since birds wake us every day as opposed to frogs that crock only when it rains. Mothibe hasn’t been attending Kgotla meetings and now he has his job back, your guess is mine, he is just trying to please his master (Kgama). Bakgatla were very clear at the meeting as to where they stand. Mothibe, who declared that “ene eke ene yo motona,” was reminded that he received Bakgatla’s undivided support not because “o motona” but because he was appointed by Kgosi Linchwe and therefore, had the authority to rule on his behalf. It came as a shock that the same Mothibe cannot afford Kgosi Sekai the respect that goes with the same office he once held. It has to be pointed out that the same Mothibe is the one who facilitated Kgosi Sekai’s appointment.

This group has divided the Royal family and Uncles. We know some of them hold secret meeting with Peter Siele without the consent of Kgosi Kgolo and Bakgatla Baa Kgafela. At this point its important to clarify how Bogosi in Kgatleng works. Kgosi rules with the guidance of his Paternal uncles assisted by Dikgosana of the five Main Kgotla’s namely Kgosing, Morema, Mabodisa, Tshukudu Maanamakgotla. It then follows that Dikgosana of all wards that fall under the main 5 Kgotla’s (As for Kgosi Kgolo’s siblings, their time to guide Kgosi Kgolo will only be when Kgosi Kgolo Kgafela’s son Matshego takes over the throne of Bogosi jwa Bakgatla) After this protocol has been exhausted that’s when MORAFE comes into play as the ultimate decision maker. If MORAFE agrees with what the tribe’s leadership proposes, then its implemented and if not, the proposition is either thrown out of the window or suggestions are put on the table by MORAFE to suit their needs hence (Kgosi ke Kgosi ka Morafe). Kgosi Mothibe was cautioned by Morafe not to interfere with Kgosi Sekai’s administration as no one interfered during his reign in the same position. Even the accusations that Kgosi Kgolo is facing, was as a result of a resolution made at the KGOTLA KGOLO by Morafe for him to instruct his regiments to lash various unruly members of his MORAFE.

We know that the BDP government and this Lekoko, some Royal uncles are aware that Kgosi Sekai is due for retirement in July, and this is where their master plan is, forgetting that we Bakgatla have our own plan going forward. The BDP government will not give Kgosi Sekai an option of working with a contract, but we Bakgatla will still recognise Kgosi Sekai as Kgabo’s Deputy, and he will still occupy his current office that was built by Mephato even if it means not having a salary.

Back to Lekoko, it is a deceitful lie that the group of nine was chosen by the Tribe. The men were chosen by Kgosi Mothibe and Kgosi Sekai, Kgosi Sekai having chosen only one out of the 9 men. A certain Leagajang Setshwane failed to explain at the 08/06 meeting how a group of 9 decided to co-opt 17 more people without any mandate to do so from either Kgosi Sekai or Mothibe.

The Lekoko would later gatecrash a meeting with Dikgosana and the 9 tribe’s men who were chosen by Mothibe and Sekai. This time around they had a new leader, claiming that they are part of the group of 9 (how can 17 people claim to be part of 9?). This was the birth of lies and deceitfulness and now they have some Royal family members under their armpits and hold secret meetings with Peter Siele. Reader, you should see the true story behind the scenes; the Royal House has been contaminated by BDP politicians.

A good number of this group, are the remnants of recruits who were called to the Office of the President, where a plan was hatched to derecognize Kgosi Kgolo. Let me at this time, point out that during that time, there were other Bakgatla of sound moral standing, who turned down overtures from the powers that be. Those are men of integrity who even when they had inside information about the grand plan, did not go all out to expose this evil plan. They just walked away from the evil doers with their integrity intact. To show that Kgosi Sekai and Kgosi Kgolo are not vengeful, even in the face of such evil attacks, they did not publicly renounce Ray Molomo and company. They believed in the goodness of man and believed ke bagolo ba utlwile. Had they publicly rebuked this bunch of rubble rousers, we wouldn’t be in this situation because they would have disbanded. It is telling that not only are these LEKOKO members, expired BDP activists, some of them are members of LEOBO Fundraising Committee, Letlotlo Kopong being the Chairman and Mogomotsi being The Treasurer. I am entitled to believe that Kopong’s hatred for Sekai is personal. It stems from the fact that Sekai is very equivocal about the need to have a forensic audit in order to help unravel the mystery of LEOBO funds. To date, Kopong and company have not accounted to the Tribe on how they exhausted the funds that were raised (this is the 2nd year and we are still counting), This includes the P50 000 Kgama contributed towards Bakgatla Baa Kgafela Leobo Project. They have doctored a report which clearly shows that there was abuse of such funds and we demand a forensic audit (spending an excess of P10, 000 on stationary). How on earth can you be good administrators if you can’t run a simple committee? Since it is on record that Kopong and company do not respect Kgosi Sekai, then it is only proper for me to return the favour. To you Kopong, having failed at BNF and NDF my message is simple, stick with accounting for Leobo funds and the engine syndicate ko lekwatsing instead of being a village idiot. Bakgatla have never seen any leadership qualities in you despite you trying to sell yourself to them as a politician. You were there at the Kgotla when they spoke in unison that they have never sent you or anybody else to speak Bogosi issues on their behalf. Kwapeng Modikwe, our culture says for as long as you are a bachelor you will remain a small boy.

Kgabo has clearly said he has no intent of going to the House of Chiefs and be a civil servant taking instruction from political liars. He has no intention to have a regent hold fort for him and the tribe unanimously sanctioned that on various Kgotla meetings.

As for Rre Siele, Monty Letshwithi and company will never help you to resolve Bogosi ba bakgatla”.

The moment you seriously want to resolve the Bakgatla impasse, you know where to start. Gape nna as a taxpayer, I object to my taxes feeding retired men all under the guise of resolving Bakgatla Bogosi. Our Bogosi is not going to be hijacked by Politicians and our Kgosi Kgolo will rule us from Moruleng just as he was ruling Bakgatla Baa Kgafela in RSA whilst in Mochudi. The BDP government should clean up its mess and stop this “divide and rule tactic.” We have ministers who are being prosecuted but are still running our government affairs. Ray Molomo should know better, Bogosi jwa Bakgatla ga se BULELA DITSWE WA DOMKRAGA, for as long as Kgafela is alive he will continue to rule his tribe both here and RSA. Rakwadi Modipane, do not waste your energy fighting for Bogosi issues. You need all the energy you can get for your political comeback. Se itiye ka Ray Molomo. I was humbled when Morena Molefi Linchwe (Kgosi Kgolo’s Uncle and Kgosi Mothibes brother) instructed his elder brother to apologise to the Tribe for having spoken issues that were meant to have been discussed first internally within the Royal family. By refusing to apologise Mothibe failed to be the bigger man.


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