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“Born to serve”

Dear Editor,

Yours titled “Born to Serve” by Spencer Mogapi published in Sunday Standard of July 3-9 2011 refers.

In the past, you published about M M Seema. Even on him being honoured by H.E. last year (after being ignored); you were there.

The gods whispered something to me around that time. It dawned upon me that I had a short time with my father. I made use of the time. I recall our time recently ko lenyalong lo Rra Molomo and elated he was to see Rre Julian Nganunu who only a few days back had asked for his contacts. I felt small beneath the towering giants.

Also the drive to Kanye go Rra Masire. My father pointed out to me his old DC’s office and home where he served “Her Majesty” with Dupleix L Pilane.

My father retired from the public service as a Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Minerals Resources and Water Affairs headed by Dr GKT Chiepe with MC Tibone as PS. He had left the Directorate some time back. I recall the time for it was around Sir Seretse Khama’s passing on. Phillipus Laurens Steenkamp, a man that he had held in high regard was PSP. I and my sisters as M M Seema was moving house, changing life to join Titus Seame Madisa at BMC Lobatse, had to be enlisted into boarding at GSS.

I thank you Mr Editor for paying tribute to a fallen hero, to us earthlings a true pioneer and god sent. M M Seema departed from this earth at Tlokweng, where he resided on about 7 am on Thursday 23th June 2011. M M Seema had just turned seventy seven (77) on Sunday 12th June 2011. It was on the very 12th day of June that he was hospitalized. There was never a time to wish him a blessed day and more. He did recover from the very bad state he was in but then God gave a few hours for family to be with M M Seema for the medicals were not in his favour. Gods supremacy and might where all what was for consideration.

It is sad that even on the day he passed on, I could not bid him farewell. With a wounded and sore heart, tears in eyes, I rushed through the morning traffic like a possessed man to bid farewell to my father , my friend, my fountain of wisdom, guidance and knowledge. I found him departed.

I pray every day in thinking of M M Seema that I be not like King Shaka after loss of his mother, Nandi, or Michael Corleone in asserting his position in the Sicilian world or even the dramatis personae who in Julius Caesar’s death saw nothing but red flow.

M M Seema, in being forthright, attracted the wrath of those who saw otherwise. I know of his departure from the public service and some events prior and even of BMC. Accessing M M Seema’s file from the public service was like asking for the keys to Guantanamo Bay.

I, as indicated, pray to the Almighty always for in my life I have “enjoyed” being crucified for I carry M M Seema’s blood and genes and for my own character in part shaped by M M Seema.

I write in tribute to M M Seema for he had his strong views. I have no doubt that, were he alive, he would have sounded and spelt out his position without fear or favour.

I wish to visit the ongoing debate in Parliament about floor crossing. In the past, I had engaged him on such subject and the caliber of our legislative representatives.

I read years ago in a book on Etiquette, a book that M M Seema kept in his now depleted collection, that a Lady seated keeps her legs crossed. The book sadly did not prescribe of what a politician should do when seated in Parliament. There seems to be a fierce battle in Parliament on the legs doing or not doing the Sharon Stone.

Clear and not to be forgotten by the Honourable Gentlemen and Ladies, as they pronounce themselves to be but often forget that they are privileged to be seated in Parliament and were not god sent is that: the electorate/the voter in a democracy has his/her choice to make on whether his/her representative crosses or not.

The elected MP does not hold unfettered right on decision to cross and criss – cross (as some MP’s recently did with two cowering back. The two were accepted when they should have been given the iron boot on side that hurts most and passed to Boswell Circus next they pass through Gaborone).
Parliament or Council “ga se koi” (game of skipping), as Sir QKJ once put to Namibians who wanted one foot in Namibia and the other in Botswana.

excuses and “poor reasons” may be advanced , “BDP derived benefit in past and now in taste of own medicine cannot swallow” or “monies for by-elections scarce ought to be applied elsewhere”.
Some of the very persons who cast off the medicine spell and other excuse were part and parcel, direct or not, of the Glady’s Kokorwe motion on floor crossing.
My god granted democratic right to elect person (s) and or party of my choice cannot be eroded by “limping reason” and no sense that an MP or Councillor’s constitutional right once he is seated reigns supreme
the matter should not be treated as one of common sense.

I pray to the Almighty that “rare sense” prevails on debaters of the bill and only then shall I hold those privileged to sit and debate as Right Honourable as opposed to simple Honourable.

Finally, reverting to my tribute, I thank M M Seema’s friends, present and some departed. I wish not to pick and select but bo Rre Patrick K and Mme Balopi, Rre Cosmus G Mogami, Rre Bias le Mme Mookodi, Rre le Mme O Mpotokwane and others who, though not named, deserve acknowledgement, in that short space of time when my father was down and even out I saw the spark of life when you where in his sight.


Your son, friend and hewer of wisdom from your fountain.

Johnson M Seema


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