Sunday, May 22, 2022

“Gaborone City Council must stop harassing the poor”

Dear Editor

We of the Botswana National Front Youth League condemn categorically and in the strongest of terms humanly possible the inhuman acts and actions of the Gaborone Council officials and authorities against Bo-Mmaseapei (street vendors) in the recent past.

The Gaborone City Council officials and authorities are notorious for the harassment of the poor, unemployed masses of the indigenous small informal business sector.

With the selling of sweets, cooked food stuffs, fruits and vegetables, the poor unemployed people eke out livelihood for their families and cater for their poor children’s welfare.

But then the Gaborone City Council authorities seem to be ignorant of these realities of unemployed people. Anytime they wake up on the wrong side of the bed they chase the poor people out of the streets, impound their food stuffs and confiscate their utensils with impunity.

Such inhuman acts and evil deeds, to which these poor people are subjected to, must be put to a stop, immediately.

Where are our 2016 national visions’ guarding spirit and principals of: Compassionate and caring nation?
Where are the four D’s?
Where are they?

If the Gaborone City Council, authorities do not put to an end these injustices to which the poor people are subjected to, they will be forcing us to organize extra parliamentary popular mass, national democratic and patriotic demonstrations against them.

We pray, hope and trust that the Gaborone City Council will heed our call to put to an end these injustices against the poor people.

By CDE Tona K Mooketsi
BNF- Youth League
Secretary General


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