Thursday, June 20, 2024

“Give credit where it is due”

I follow Mr Mogapi’s Watchdog articles with interest and I must say he comes out as an independent thinker and an experienced journalist.
Having said this, I must add that I find his Watchdog articles full of hate and spite for the Presidency of this country. He has not at any given time let pass the opportunity to denigrate the president, sometimes for seemingly no good reasons. I must confess that I am one of the people who will go to the alter arguing that Mr. Mogae has an indelible legacy.
Just like any human being, the man is not infallible and he must be criticized for he is a leader. In fact he cherishes that, but criticism must be constructive and should not smack of hate and spite as we discern from Mogapi’s Watchdog article.
When is he going to give credit where it is due? His recent article on ministerial code of ethics is spiteful, not that it is a bad idea but why does it have to be brought up at this stage tying it to speculations on cabinet reshuffle? Has he always had that idea, if yes, why should it be brought up in such a spiteful fashion?
In the first instance, no official comment has come out from the Presidency stating that indeed they would be a reshuffle. To bash the President based on speculations is unfair, to say the least, and it smacks of hate and spite for the man. In addition, to try and lecture to the President on when and when not to reshuffle his cabinet is to undermine his credibility and intelligence; traits he has in abundance. To argue that “A cabinet reshuffle is a major undertaking, it’s a business for Presidents who are still taken seriously” is a hollow attempt to rally support for his hate and spite for the President.
We in the BDP respect our President and we shall back him up to the day he goes to the grave.
Mr Mogapi should be advised that if he does not have any regard for this country’s leaders he must not assume that we all share his sentiments.
He must not exaggerate issues as if someone desperate for recognition in society.
It is Mr. Mogapi’s constitutional right to express his misgivings about the President, but he must respect him as a person and an elder. It cannot harm him; in fact, he will earn kudus for that. The might of his pen should be used prudently and not seemingly to denigrate those he hates.

Fidelis Molao
Deputy Executive Secretary (BDP)


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