Wednesday, June 7, 2023

“How Government denied Basarwa justice!”

Dear Sir,

The Botswana government has effectively subverted its own High Court’s ruling of 2006 and is now close to destroying the Gana and Gwi Basarwa of the CKGR.

It continues to deny them permission to use their water borehole, which they used for many years before the government sealed it in 2002. This is, of course, a gross violation of Basarwa rights and has no possible justification for ‘conservation’ or any other reason. The government has not even bothered to justify its decision. It continues to deny them the right to hunt for food – again, not even bothering to dream up a reason.

With the eastern part of the CKGR poised to be mined for diamonds, any attempt to claim the area is for ‘conservation’ is rubbish. As the government’s diamond wealth increases, so its respect for human rights diminishes.

Stephen Corry
Survival International


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