Thursday, August 18, 2022

“I failed myself”

As he was searching for his high school certificates in his old briefcase, he came across a business card that made his heart to skip a bit. A jerk of anticipation ran down his spine did he have to call her .It would not be easy considering the harsh treatment that he had given her. Steve and Sharon had been child hood sweethearts from primary school that they were certain that they were soul mates. Their romance developed from puppy love to serious courtship. The love birds had cruised past every impediment until they finally got married.

They were a pair in every sense of the word and an envy of many. They vowed only death could do them part but little did they know that fate had other plans for them. Among an overabundance of common interest between the two, the most outstanding was their passion for children. One year down the line they the couple was childless. This did not go down well with Sharon and pressure mounted on Sharon to conceive. The strain of failing to have children began to take its toll on the couple such that Steve and Sharon were constantly arguing. Educated as he was Steve had the traditional man’s egocentricism which stated that the woman was to blame. Sharon went from gynecologist to gynecologist and they all told her the same thing that there was nothing wrong with her.

When she recommended that Steve get examined he would freak out and would tell her that there was nothing wrong with him. The second year lapsed there was no sound of a crying baby in the house. And the second year was a nightmare for Sharon. Steve was failing to cope up with their predicament and he sought consolation in the wise waters which made him not wise. He was now coming home in the wee hours very drunk. Sharon barrenness and the wayward conduct of her husband turned her into an unhappy woman.

Steve met Sharon’s objections with verbal abuse and physical abuse at times. Sharon endured this until one day when Steve told her in uncertain terms that he was done with her and he would rather marry someone who would bless him with children. Sharon left and Steve got someone else but the story remained the same. His life became a sorry affair as he survived on alcohol and one night stand gold diggers.

After careful considerations a thought crossed her mind that a phone call could change all that he had gone through, he then dialed Sharon number. They talked for about ten minutes then he hung up all cheery. It had been unproblematic to prove his way to Sharon that they needed to converse and sought out their differences. Sharon could not believe that Steve had called her and intended to sought out things, a time she had waited for. She was smiling as she prepared to meet her former husband she would not wait to see his face.

Steve had arrived at the place of appointment an hour earlier because he was excited and hoped that all would be well for him today. As she drew close to the venue Steve spotted Sharon from a distance holding a young baby in her hands .He just brushed it off concluding that it was her sister’s baby. She was all smiles as if nothing horrific had happened before, giving Steve some element of hope. Without anybody asking him Steve began relating how bad the last four years had been without her. Without responding to what Steve was saying, she started relating to Steve how God had been so good to her and had been blessed with the small girl in her hands and a loving husband. Shocked with Sharon’s story “Steve shouted I have failed myself”.


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