Saturday, July 2, 2022

“I salute Sipho Showa”

I live in the US, managing several small computer businesses that I have founded here after leaving South Africa permanently in 1984. It’s Sunday and I’m doing strategic planning, wondering what the next decade or two will bring and what I can and should do therein.

Part of my research keeps leading me back to Botswana. Even though I’ve never been there, the intellectual and political climate is in stark contrast to the surrounding countries that I’ve written off. I hope I live long enough to see Botswana become more and more prosperous.

Anyway, I’m writing to congratulate you on one of the best newspaper articles I’ve read in a long time – “Why Botswana is the Promised Land for criminals” by Sipho Showa

I’m curious whether Sipho Showa is still writing (I hope so) and whether the situation he’s describing has gotten better or worse.
Anyway, I agree with Sipho Showa totally.

The fundamental role of government is to protect its citizens from violence. If it shirks that, its priorities are severely misplaced and it’s proper for eloquent writers like Sipho Showa to sound the alarm. His tone of moral outrage is appropriate.

Clearly, Botswana needs writers like Sipho Showa and we would be grateful to have more writers like that in the US too.

Andre Gous


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