Thursday, June 20, 2024

“I’m on a hot seat” – Mokaila

Minerals, Energy and Water Resources Minister, Kitso Mokaila has confessed that he is a man in a hot seat as a result of challenges that his ministry is currently facing citing shortage of water across the country. 

On Monday Mokaila told residents of Tlokweng at a kgotla meeting that his job is not a walk in the park as result of challenges that he is facing and fell short of admitting that he is not enjoying his job. 

The minister was addressing residents on the current shortage of water in their area and the country in general. 

Residents complained about privately owned dams along the Notwane River saying they interfered  with the flow of water into the Gaborone dam.

In response, Mokaila said there was nothing wrong with the dams in question. He said the law empowers him to remove any dam along Notwane River but at the moment there is no reason for him to do that.

“If at all water from those dams could make any differences I could have long taken the dams and used the water for consumption. The truth of the matter is that if the rain is not going to rain as it used to seven years ago whether these dams are there or not the water will never reach Gaborone dam,” Mokaila said.

The Minister told the residents that some of the small dams along Notwane River had always been there for a long time and during a good rainy season Gaborone dam got filled up. 

“When we receive the right amount of rainfall the water will able be to reach Gaborone dam; it’s a fact. But since now because we are faced with drought, we are accusing those dams of interrupting inflows into Gaborone dam,” Mokaila said. 

He further reiterated that his ministry would not close small dams along Notwane River.

He said people should learn to live with the harsh reality that the country is faced with  shortage of rainfall. 

“On the other hand these small dams assisted us. These dams act as catchment areas for sand. This means the final product that reaches Gaborone dam is largely water and if you go to Gaborone dam now you will realise that the dam is free of sand,” said Minister Mokaila.

He said should he find the dams have an impact on the flow of water into Gaborone dam he would use the law that empowers him to close such dams in the interest of the public. 

“As it stands I do not have a reason to close those dams,” he said. 


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