Wednesday, June 12, 2024

“Lets go back to basics”

Dear Editor,
At times we make life too serious, hence it results in complications and passion killings.

I believe that if we go back to the good old days of love letters and sweet nothings, where lovers expressed themselves with “time and ability plus double capacity, kiss this letter three times before you read it”, with pictures of the heart, things can get better. The poem below is dedicated to all lovers out there.

You are like a window, you allow fresh air into my heart

You are like a heater, you know how to warm me up,

You are like a mirror, you make me see myself more clearly

You are like a comb, you really straighten me up

You are like a debt, its difficult to ignore you,

You are like alcohol, its difficult not to drink you regularly

You are like an injection, you drive away all the boredom

You are like a diamond, you don’t lose your beauty

You are like honey, you specialize in being sweet,
You are like water, a necessity to my existence

You are like a spring, always flowing with endless love

You are like thunder, you make your presence to be felt

You are like a pot, you cook various good dishes,

You are like medicine, you soothe all pain in me

You are like a flower, you brighten your surroundings

You are like a Bible, you have endless good verses

You are like a prophet, you can read my mind,

You are like a palace, you have everything I need,

You are like a dictionary, you contain many riches

You are like a music refreshing, and very good
Happy belated Valentine’s Day

Attorney Chuchuchu Nchunga Nchunga


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