Monday, August 15, 2022


Recently expelled members of the BDP and their friends have been spreading false statements about the defections from the BDP. They want Batswana to believe that they have a large following and therefore use every trick to mislead them. Allow me to put the record straight on these recent developments of mass exodus and the display of membership cards.

Rre Daniel Mokgatla contested the BDP Bulela Ditswe elections in 2009 and lost. As a contestant Rre Mokgatla registered and campaigned to a lot of Madomi. During that time numerous cards were produced and the majority not only in duplicate but sometimes up to four or more cards per member. These cards did not all reach their members as some were faulty and others depicting a wrong expiry date. All our structures did not return such cards to the Head Office. You can go to any constituency today you will find hundreds of undelivered or unreturned cards in the hands of Committee members. One such Committee member is Mr. Mokgatla.

There are many others who intend to benefit from this, by unlawfully using genuine BDP cards to display them as if the card holders have resigned or have surrendered cards to them, when infact these card holders or members do not know anything about such an arrangement . For example, we have managed to do a follow up with some people whose cards were displayed in Thursday’s papers and they expressed shock, anger and disappointment at their names being published not only without their consent, but without their having agreed to join the new party. Furthermore they still have and are in possession of their genuine membership cards. Their question is: how come other cards in their names are used elsewhere. The answer to that question is as stated above; it is those duplicate cards still in the hands of Committee members and members of Parliament and Councillors. Madomi and Batswana are still going to see more from these fellows.

Those who are in our structures, including former BDP Members of Parliament and Councillors, will use these cards to claim a following for themselves. How deceitful. We also know that the meeting for the 29th May 2010 is intended to portray a Party with a large following. Buses are hired to bring in people who are not necessarily BMD members, but people bought and paid with money to augment and swell up the numbers for the meeting. Bagaetsho this group is using and will use many dangerous tricks and dirty strategies to misinform and mislead the nation. Beware Batswana!!!


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