Friday, June 21, 2024

“Motswaledi cherished peace” – UDC

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who gave it support in whatever form during the time of its mourning for one of its leaders, Cde Gomolemo Motswaledi. He was one of the most outstanding and illustrious sons this country has ever had. Cde Gomolemo Motswaledi though departed, will not be forgotten. He impacted on the lives of everyone and fought for the realisation of civil/economic liberties and true Democracy.  

His mysterious death has left the nation devastated. The UDC will not rest until the truth is revealed about what actually caused his death. We however urge the nation to remain calm as investigations are still ongoing.

The UDC would also like to apologise to all those who might have been offended by the actions of its members during this difficult period. The leadership calls upon its members to exercise restraint . While their anger, which is shared by a lot of Batswana and the UDC leadership is appreciated, they should not allow themselves to fall into the trap set by the enemies of democracy and peace. Sir G cherished peace and democracy. These are the principles he died for.

We are however disturbed by insensitive statements that have been made by some politicians and the state media who want to portray the UDC negatively. They seem to be much more interested in promoting themselves and diverting attention at the expense of the Motswaledi family. We call upon them to allow the Gomolemo family to mourn the loss of their son in peace. They should instead talk about the mystery that surrounds his death. The nation wants answers. It is the failure to give plausible answers that has caused this anger. 

What is alien to our country is mysterious deaths.┬áWhat Chiefs have to do and talk about is the protection of their subjects from the state security apparatus; the very institutions that are supposed to protect them. ┬áWhat is mysterious and wants their apology is the nation’s continued fear that permeates our society. What threatens our peace as a nation is the continued abuse of the state media.This is what makes our people angry.┬á

The leadership should not only hurry to criticise and apologise selectively, but should act on matters that have brought about this anger. The leadership should be quick to talk against corruption, erosion of democracy and freedom. The real problem is not that some could not speak at a memorial service or funeral. This is just a symptom. The issue is what is causing all this and many other incidents. Someone should take the responsibility and not pass the buck. The nation needs assurances from Lieutenant Ian Khama as a chief and the Head of State and not just an apology to a political bosom friend. 

Cde Gomolemo Motswaledi believed in opposition cooperation to unsit the ruling Botswana Democratic Party. To all those who shared this position to usher in a truly democratic Botswana where there is equality before the law, go and make your mark in the coming general elections. Do it for yourselves, your children, your country and for him. This is the only opportunity you have to put right what we know is wrong.   

Moeti Mohwasa
UDC Spokesperson
+267 73021911


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