Wednesday, July 17, 2024

“Moupo is insincere” ÔÇô BCP

The Secretary General of the Botswana Congress Party says they are treating the latest invitation by the Botswana National Front for cooperation with caution.

Taolo Lucas said the BNF President Otsweletse Moupo has written to the BCP inviting them to cooperate.

“But we are worried because Mr. Moupo has in the same vein told us that he does not have the mandate,” said Lucas.
Lucas said they were surprised that Moupo missed a golden opportunity to seek the mandate at a recent BNF conference held at Jwaneng.
“Absence of mandate aside,” said Lucas, “we do not think this is the best time to talk to the BNF given their differences.”

“There is something strange in Moupo’s overtures. Our position is that he is not clean. We think there is something that he is up to.”

The BCP Vice President, Dr. Gobotswang, said at a recent meeting with Moupo, the BNF President looked frightened and said he was worried the ruling Botswana Democratic Party under Ian Khama was stealing BNF ideas, thereby making opposition in Botswana irrelevant.

“Mr. Moupo told us that Ian Khama is stealing their ideas and this is getting him worried. But still as the BCP we have to be cautious.”

In another matter, the BCP said following a recent evaluation of their popularity across the country, the country expects to win at least 18 constituencies countrywide.

Dr. Gobotswanag said these constituencies have since been graded into BCP’s category ‘1′, which means that more resources and time of the party’s senior personnel will be directed to these constituencies.

Among these constituencies are Ngamiland, Maun West and East, Bobirwa, Palapye and Francistown South.
The party also expects to make good earning in constituencies where it is cooperating with the Botswana Alliance Movement.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gobotswang said the BCP is concerned by the regeneration committee recently appointed by Ian Khama because it excludes other religious denominations and faiths found in Botswana.

“Botswana is a secular state and we are worried at the use of religion to run the state,” said the BCP Vice President.
He said the committee members should be very careful not to be used by Ian Khama, in his preconceived crusade.
“Ian Khama tends to personalize governance,” said Gobotswang.

The BCP Vice President said if they are not careful, traditional and religious leaders risk getting entangled in Khama’s fast coming disasters.
“These leaders have to realize that Ian Khama is trying to run this country by prescription, and they should not be a past of that.”


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