Sunday, January 29, 2023

“Multichoice in Africa for the long haul” – Khumalo

The President of MultiChoice Africa, Collins Khumalo, says his company will continue to be on the cutting edge of technology because of the substantial resources that the shareholders invest in new technologies.

Speaking to The Telegraph on the sidelines of CNN Multichoice African Journalist Awards, Khumalo said the customers of Multichoice can rest assured in the knowledge that whatever new technological development there are, the company will be there first for them.

“The innovative work we do makes us the leader,” he said.

He added that there are many instances where Multichoice Africa was ahead of Europe in some innovations.

He attributed this to a dedicated staff that runs many Multichoice Africa offices across the continent.

“We are African. And because we are African, we do not see Africa as a risk,” he said.
Khumalo said that the strategy that has served Multichoice Africa well has been to allow each operation to be run by locals who understood the market dynamics best.

There is nothing better than being closer to the market, he said.
Khumalo said at the moment Multichoice Africa controls 80 percent of Africa’s pay television market.
“There may be some players, but we continue to be the leaders.”

Other than embracing technology, Khumalo attributed his group’s success to quality content, which is continually being improved.

“Today you do not have to be in front of a television set to watch news. You can watch from the comfort of your office on your computer or ipad,” he said.

Khumalo said Multichoice Africa has grown into the strong world class company that it is today because it has shareholders that demand results.

“Of course, we have a big group behind us but the fact of the matter is that we have shareholders that drive us. They set us tough targets and they give us resources to meet those targets,” he said.
On whether or not Multichoice Africa will continue to sponsor the flagship CNN Multichoice African Journalist Awards, Khumalo said for as long as it made business sense to do so the company that he leads will be a part of the awards.

“A vibrant media is part of our long-term strategy. If the media grows, our business as Multichoice grows. This is because our business entails encouraging people to join media space. If the media dies it means our business will not grow.”

Khumalo emphasised the fact that Multichoice is not a short term player.

“You have to invest for the long-term to get rewards. If you want to invest for the short term this is not your industry,” he said.

Khumalo, who has been with Multichoice Africa for the last 14 years, has been head of the Botswana operation before. He spent two years of his career in Botswana.

“I enjoyed my stay in Botswana. It is the place where I learnt the ropes. It’s an experience I will never give up for anything,” he said.

Since pioneering digital multi-channel television in Africa in 1995, Multichoice Africa has established operations in 47 countries. The company provides a range of pay television services under the brand name DStv and is widely recognised as the leading provider of premium news, sport and entertainment in Sub-Sahara Africa.


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