Wednesday, April 24, 2024

“Nkate did nothing wrong”

Dear Editor

Press statements and comments in the media concerning some garments (T-Shirts) donated to the Ngami Constituency with an imprint of the Honourable J.D. Nkate’s name and picture in front have been noted.

There is a mischievous suggestion that these T-Shirts were donated for use to promote the Honourable Minister’s campaign in the just ended BDP Primary Elections.

There is another misguided and factually wrong statement attributing the donation in question as an attempt to curry favour by NIIT.

To our knowledge these T-Shirts were a gift for the Ngami Constituency for a specific event – the reception of new members that were being admitted into the BDP in Etsha 6 well over a year ago.
The Central Committee of the BDP dealt with this issue and found no wrong doing on the part of anybody

Yours truly,

(BDP executive Secretary)


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