Sunday, September 27, 2020

“Nkate’s appointment at BEDIA reminiscent of an SOS call”

Reacting to our┬ástatement, which was issued in response to Mr Nkate’s appointment and BEDIA operations in general,┬áMr Mike Mothobi tried without much success to┬ámake our opinion piece irrelevant.

Besides questioning our disapproval of this appointment, Mr Mothobi agreed with our opinion and even went an extra mile by naming other institutions where imbalances of cost to benefit exist. A solution to this unfortunate situation, which Mr Mothobi admits, is operating under clear and effective objectives and performance target.

In our article, we addressed two issues. The first issue was our reservation for the appointment of the new BEDIA CEO. The point we were trying to drive home, which he deliberately ignored, is that of patronage appointment. As the official opposition we will never allow a situation where the BDP implements a succession plan meant to appease party activities to go unchallenged.

It is our national priority to thwart any efforts which deviate from operations or acts inconsistent with a democratic and liberal state which Botswana should be.

By this position, we’re┬ánot attacking Nkate as an individual but rather voicing our concern with using public institutions to reward party loyalists.

If indeed the powers that be thought Nkate is the best candidate for the position of CEO, why did they risk losing such a resource to other engagements through allowing him to stand for election to public office?
Had he won elections, would he have been asked to resign to take up the position of CEO as he has the monopoly of competence required to head BEDIA as Mothobi wants to suggest? The decision to appoint him to head BEDIA after losing elections clearly shows and strengthens our position that this was an “SOS” appointment, which should not have a place in a liberal state where people’s voices count.

┬áThe second issue, which was critical and discussed at length, was our view on how BEDIA should go about improving its investment promotion conversion rates. At the risk of repeating our view, we maintain that over and above general information, a specific marketing┬ástrategy guided by effective investment objectives (which are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bond) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) should guide BEDIA’s investment promotion efforts. This will assist in performance management & monitoring. It is our contention that performance management is only possible if they are performance targets in the form of objectives. Mr Mothobi thinks that this is a narrow suggestion. Had it not been for limitations on length of article sent to local publications, we would have compounded our “marketing┬ástrategy” view or even published a template so that┬áMr┬á Mothobi could grasp what we mean.
We believe this opinion piece will stimulate  a debate which will in the long run improve performance and conversion rates of BEDIA and other institutions, which Mr Mothibi took the liberty to mention.
Thank you.
*Mohwasa is BNF Information and Publicity Secretary


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