Wednesday, November 30, 2022

“Police suspect Setlampoloka was killed” -expert

A forensic Pathologist who conducted a postmortem on the murder of police suspect Italy Setlampoloka has suggested that the deceased was killed through strangulation. 

Setlampoloka was found dead in 2009 after he was detained by Mogoditshane Police.

 Dr Panzirah-Mabaka, a forensic Pathologist at Princess Marina Hospital suggested that the deceased person died due to Asphyxia, which is compression of the neck. 

Setlampoloka was found dead in 2009 after he was detained by Mogoditshane Police on suspicion of having committed a serious crime.
He was on the police wanted list at the time.

Six Police officers from Mogoditshane Police Station, all from Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Dithuso Dintwe, Patrick Gobotswang, Ranto Mmeleki, Tebogo Khutsafalo, Kabo Ramohibidu, and Michael Ramhitshana have been charged with his murder.

When testifying before the Gaborone High Court, Dr. Panzirah-Mabaka who is a state witness told the court that the deceased did not die from hanging or suicide.

“It was not death due to hanging but was death through strangulation. The constricting force did not come about by the weight of the body due to gravity-which is a mechanism of suicide,” said Panzirah-Mabaka

Justice Leatile Dambe wanted the doctor to state what exactly killed Setlampoloka. Replying, Dr Panzirah-Mabaka insisted that the deceased did not commit suicide but died due to lack of enough oxygen as a result of some compression on his neck.

“Since there was compression on his neck the cause of death in this case was as a results of Asphyxia after some physical condition through which the tissues are not able to utilize oxygen,” explained Dr Mabaka.

The doctor said there were some broken bones on Setlampoloka’s neck which was as a result of a force which was administered on the neck of the deceased particularly next to his throat.
The doctor also said there was obstruction of the flow of blood from the heart to the brain adding that this was as a result of some compression of the neck.

On the respiratory system, the medical expert said, there was evidence that there was sign of difficulty in breathing which was also as a result of compression of the neck.

Defence lawyer Busang Manewe and Kgosietsile Ngakaagae did not cross examine the witness and told the court that they accepted his report and his evidence in chief.


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