Sunday, April 11, 2021

“The heart of the wicked”

Dear Editor

When you have been bartered all your life and have had the door constantly slammed on your face and you have never really had your day under the sun, what sort of characteristics are you likely to manifest? Many of us want to wish away the horrors of racism, and many more of us do not really understand what racism is. Racism is much more than personal prejudice; it goes far beyond discrimination from bigots. The death blow of racism is purveyed through institutionalized discrimination in which people of different races are dominated. Black people have been made to feel inferior for so long that for them now to be seen marrying, drinking tea, beer and socializing with white people is so comforting. We as black people have lost the concept of what true justice amounts to, and are too happy to accept the commonly espoused notion of integration with our age old enemies, which in actual fact translates into assimilation. Spiritually and intellectually, this is very humiliating to the subconscious psyche of the Blackman, we know in the core of our being that we are getting a raw deal but are somehow overwhelmed by the reality of it.

In the very same way that we are now reconciling ourselves to the logic of capitalism or the thought that there is no alternative to globalization, we do not see any other possible avenues to gaining a genuine and true freedom. There is an amazing haste to bid good bye to the past and, as such, there is little or no attention paid to the reality, tenacity and magnitude of racism. One great woman once said, “If we are to solve the problem of racism, we need to have a proper grasp of what it is, its historical context, how it manifests itself and what new forms it is likely to assume in the new dispensation.” We get too happy when white people who claim to identify with our condition want to help us, forgetting that these are the sons and daughters of the people in power and also that they are the beneficiaries of the very same power system that we are asking them to help us dismantle. The oppression of the Blackman automatically sustains White privilege, and our foolish hope that whites will help us end racism explains why racism still persists in the midst of strong universal condemnation. We are fighting a loosing battle because of the absence of the right kind of understanding.

How can you learn properly and understand the facts when your brain is poisoned from all kinds of pollutants and toxins, when you are drugged and drunk over fifty percent of the time. From the time when our babies are born into this world, they are injected with a countless number of viruses, micro-organisms or their genetic material, toxic chemicals and metals under the banner of vaccination. There is plenty of proof that these vaccinations damage the nervous system of children, reducing significantly the human potential of generations and causing continuous ailments such as asthma, diabetes, brain damage and a host of other chronic ailments. Guess who profits from this? Dr Robert S. Mendelsjohn, who has been a practicing Pediatrician for many years, bears witness to the vaccination evil in a paper entitled ‘the medical time bomb of immunization against disease’ which he now comfortably calls a ‘fanatic zeal’. Dr Mendelsjohn brilliantly observes that there is no scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease, whilst there are known significant risks associated with every immunization and, in Africa, they use a blanket approach, pumping so much poison up the blood stream of our babies. We live for an hour compared to ancient man thanks to our so called friends.

As if that is not enough, the child grows up feeding on chemicalised, processed foods and water, breathing polluted air in a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol that is fed by a media frenzy of sex and moral decadence and our poor leaders are dumbfounded to say the least. It does not matter how much praying we do in the church or how much singing in the choir or jumping and screaming halleluiah, halleluiah. The very bodies that the Creator gave us have been deliberately compromised by wicked scientists from amongst a wicked people. Take it or leave it. So there is no amount of praying that will save us because we do not even pray as we should. The first step is to clean up our bodies inside and outside from the poisons that come with the white man’s lifestyle, then we have to maintain that cleanliness, It will then become easier for us to worship in the churches properly, to appreciate our problems in intellectual discourse, to become leaders of consequence, to be parents who can raise their children with a sense of purpose, to be better husbands and wives and steer the destiny of our nation to its glorious future. Anything short of that only means gradual deterioration into the abyss of hell. Nothing is worth more than searching and finding the knowledge that can recondition our bodies back to true health. That, to me, will be the beginning of the end of racism. We need the right bodies to fight this Great War, great theories and concepts will never be well internalized by people who are physically compromised. Besides, when you restore your body, new thoughts and potentials will start germinating, giving you a whole new perspective to reality that we are currently totally oblivious to.

We are much more than who we think we are, and the wicked had to destroy the bodies that the creator gave us in order to have a free ride with us.

Gilbert Sesinyi


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