Wednesday, January 19, 2022

‘CASE handbook bridges data deficit in the region,’- Tsheole

The Central African Stock Exchanges Handbook or CASE has been praised as a good initiative that will provide much needed information and guidance to investors before they commit their money on investments.

“It is difficult to collect data in this market I hope the book will be useful for people in the country, region and internationally. Stock market and investing is not only about money,” said Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE), Thapelo Tsheole at the launch of the publication.

He said there is a huge amount of information and data involved in investing in the stock market, which forms the very foundation of allocating money various investments. Therefore, said Tsheole, publication of handbooks such as CASE, are very useful in this regard. The handbook, which is sponsored by BancABC, the BSE listed banking house, started three years back after the realisation that there was little data on listed companies in the region. It profiles over 120 listed companies on the stock markets in Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe and provides such information like financial results, top 20 shareholders and business environment.

Tsheole said it is vital to have such information as it will help potential investor evaluate information on the company before investing.

“It will ultimately bring more investors to our region,” he added. “It will improve financial literacy and also avail information about the stock market and the region. It will also show that the BSE is doing well,” he said of the record the P1.2 billion BSE made as a record turnover in one quarter.

The book however, does not cover South Africa, which is covered by another publication and Mauritius, which does not feature. CASE is published in partnership with Jonathan Waters of New Zanj, who has been publishing the book for the past three years. Waters said the book brings new ways of receiving valuable financial information.

“This book helps people know of what happens in the region,” he said.
of the 520 paged CASE.

BancABC Botswana Managing Director Jitto, said they sponsored the book to help avail financial information in the region.

“Data, company news and insightful analysis on markets in the region is very hard to come by, which renders the region unappealing at best and at worst risky to potential investors,” he said.


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