Wednesday, March 29, 2023

‘Dr Comedian’ coming to Botswana

South Africa’s very own funny man, stand-up comedian, Riaad Moosa, is set to leave the Batswana audience in stitches as he is scheduled to perform live at the Gaborone International Convention Centre on March 28th this year.

Also known as the ‘Comedy Doctor,’ many will be shocked to find that Moosa is actually a qualified medical doctor who, after medical school, decided to take an alternate route in the performing arts, venturing into standup comedy.

His comical antics and talents were discovered while at medical school as he used to perform during on campus gigs. He has since developed into a fully fledged comedian who has performed for audiences across the globe and won the first coveted annual South African Comic Choice award.

Moosa, however, shot to fame when he appeared on the popular South African youth oriented comedy show, ‘The Pure Monate Show.’

Apart from standup comedy, Moosa has also been involved in a lot of theatrical acting as he has played roles in comical renditions of shows such as ‘3 wise men, for the Baracka’ and ‘Make love not war’.

Moosa has also featured in films like, ‘Material’ and ‘Outrageous’.

Like many South African comedians, Moosa has tapped into the post apartheid collection as a backdrop of most of the jokes he performs at his shows. This seems to diffuse the formerly no-go area in South Africa into a humorous performance.

Moosa will set foot on Botswana ground as a sequel to last year’s performance by his countryman, Trevor Noah.

“Moosa was the only one we saw fit to follow in Trevor Noah’s footsteps,” explains Mandla Mpedi of O3 Media, the local entertainment and advertising company that will be bringing Moosa to Gaborone.
According to Mpedi, the audience should expect a lot of laughter from Moosa.

Mpedi feels the local comedy pool in Botswana is predominantly comprised of black people and since Moosa is of Indian descent Mpedi sees it as a way of broadening the audience’s knowledge and appreciation of standup comedy.

Moosa will not be alone for that evening as he will share the stage with our very own comedian, Modiri M.O.D Keseabetswe, from Laugh A lot.

Mpedi stated that, after the show, local comedians will be awarded an opportunity to interact with Moosa as a way of benchmarking from his performance and possibly improving the standards of local standup comedy which is not quite as popular in the performing arts industry.

Tickets for the show are available at between P500 and P750 each online through ‘webtickets.’


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