Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Explore My City Helicopter Ride is an activity aimed at giving the general public the opportunity to see the capital city from above. As new developments emerge in the city, the helicopter scenic view gives the best experience as people would identify places they never thought existed, their neighbourhoods, shopping complexes, the traffic amongst others.

The rides will be offered as part of the Botswana Consumer Fair from the 25th to the 27th of August 2016. On the 27th the experience will be shared with the Botswana Colour Run patrons. This will not be first event,the promoters have done the city tour before, the debut one was during the Slip N Slide event in May this year.

The organisers used an R44 Robinson which is a three passenger aircraft for the 1st event, this time they will be using an R66 Robinson which is a four passenger aircraft. The R66 is ideal as they are anticipating more demand this year as per enquires received, and it has a better engine performance as compared to the R44. Patrons who took part in the previous event will bear testament to the difference in the types, and they will surely enjoy the ‘beast’ in the R66. 

Advance tickets for the rides can be purchased from Webtickets outlets (Riverwalk, Spars, Streethorn Caf├® at Molapo&Maitisong at Maruapula School.


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