Monday, December 11, 2023

‘Married… But Not to Each Other’ at GICC

While travelling together on a comedy adventure, Ndumiso Lindi and Tumi Morake were asked by a customs official: “Are you married?” To which Ndumiso quickly replied:    “Yes”, but realized the confusion in what he was saying and clarified: “But not to each other.”

And thus began the comical journey for this wife and husband of other people. The show is a hilarious take on the roles and regulations of marriage and the pothole-laced roads the sexes have to navigate.

It is not just about marriage.  It is about the world that these marriages have to survive in. Both artists are signed under Blu Blood in South Africa. Blu Blood embodies lifestyle and management in the various services they offer.

Their mission is to be a worthy competitor in the lifestyle management field in terms of promoting, managing and showcasing events and entertainment.

Blu Blood Directors Osman Osman and Shaaista Osman believe in thinking out of the box to create a tailor-made service for every client they work with. With over 10 years’ combined experience in marketing, communications, hospitality and logistics, Blu Blood aims is to offer a service that is above and beyond every client’s expectations. The Osmans were intrigued by Michelle Phetlhe of ESTeRES Boutique Agency’s persistence and consistency in trying to reach their offices in 2016 to enquire about a kiddies show they were taking all over SA.

“I wanted to know if they have ever thought about crossing over to us with these shows as our kids are acquainted with them from watching them on the television,” says Phetlhe.

When they finally got a chance to respond to her, they explained that with that specific show logistics did not allow. They also wanted to know what her line of business was and after learning one of the Boutique’s principles was experiential events he asked what she thought about partnering for a show.

Phetlhe jumped at the opportunity and they hosted Riasd Moosa & Simmi Ariff at the Grand Palm in 2016 and since forged a great relationship. “When the Married… But Not To Each Other tour started in SA, Botswana was later added and we look forward to hosting the acts and to laughing out loud all night.” Botswana’s Jonny Pula will open the show.


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