Wednesday, May 29, 2024

‘My Star’ competition clinches Choppies sponsorship

Fast becoming a hit with the public, the My Star musical competition has clinched yet another lucrative sponsor in Choppies retailer for the year 2013.

The local retail giant replaces Mascom mobile operator, which has been the heart and soul of the talent show, injecting assistance funds to keep the competition afloat for the past years.

“It is not that Mascom has abandoned us, per se. The mobile operator will help the competition with logistics,” said ‘My Star’ director, Master Dee, adding that they were fortunate to grab the opportunity as provided by Choppies Supermarket.

Started in 2006, this year’s competition promises to be “busy as usual”, as they criss-cross the country in search of raw talent.

Areas visited include Maun, Selebi-Phikwe, Lobatse, Francistown and Palapye, with the last audition to be held over the weekend in Gaborone.

“The show will be busy as usual. We intend to finish the selection of the auditions in two week’s time and pave the way for the Top 20 musical show on January 26th,” Master Dee said in an interview.

While some business enterprises have spiked prices to keep pace with inflation demands, My Star entry tickets into the competition has not changed and so is the public entrance fee to take a glimpse of the would-be contenders.

Aspiring contenders shell out P200 for the auditions while the members of the audience part with P30 to watch their favourite programme and idols do their thing.

The programme has also not tampered with the final winning prize of P100, 000, which is traditionally coupled with the prestigious musical scholarship to prepare the winner for the new found trade.

Sharon, little known in musical circles, won the coveted prize last year.

‘My Star’ aims to empower youths who are often faced with difficulties in life, including unemployment.


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