Sunday, March 26, 2023

‘Serite’s article brought Presidency into disrepute’

Dear Editor,

This article is a rebuttal of an article in The Telegraph of 22 January 2014 by Serite entitled “Khama is our president and not our father” which article if left alone, leaves a lot to be desired as it will bring disrepute to the presidency as it is not in the interest of public policy.

No man in his right state of mind would speak evil of the state president and government for we put him there and have authorised his actions and judgement, put differently, we take his actions as our own, whether we voted for him or not, for in a democracy like ours, the majority counts. This is so as we have agreed and given up our right of governing ourselves to the Khama led government for our peace and common interest. He therefore does not impose his personal preferences on us but rather what we authorised him to.

In almost all his previous articles, Serite has been much critical of Khama and his government which in its own is an injustice for he must consent to the dictate of the government with the rest for unity as we are all under an obligation to subordinate. A country divided on its own cannot stand and by dragging the good name of the president in mud is recipe for instability.

Just after birth when the umbilical cord is cut, an individual is subject to the protection and guidance of the government as a person in shaping his character and guidance as he is now enlisted to the idea of what is wrong and what is allowed by his family as regulated by the state. The government sponsored university at which Serite got his first academic degree must have blurred his intellect, as has many others, as it has bred a lot of nihilists. I think it’s time we overhaul its curriculum before it’s too late.

For the safety of individuals, the government must do everything in its power to obtain cooperation of all its subjects to succeed in its effort to eliminate crime and infiltration of terrorists and the mere presence of the police patrols, as in Serite’s case at Maun, helps in speedy actions. The police should in fact have taken action against him and his Netherlands tourist friends for promoting reprehensive and unconscionable activities aimed at discrediting the government. Was he a good citizen, he wouldn’t have shared such information with outsiders for they may have been spies in the first instance. His discussion should in fact have ended at the bar than be given to the public domain for his article on the same is more like it was written by a teenage delinquent.

Serite advocates for a lifestyle and government without law and order characterised by excessive drinking, smoking of marijuana and prostitution which leads to an immoral mode of life and as individuals have a predisposition to crime, the government, in a non-discriminatory but regulatory exercise of its mandate, acting with foresights and with consideration of consequences and under the good leadership of Khama, have to come up with laws to safeguard those under its jurisdiction. He failed to ask his Netherlands rookies of how they manage to deal with social ills in their country. As you vote in October, be vigilant and know that if you vote in the like of people prescribed by him, you will be doing it at your own peril.

Statistics show that 60% of sexual diseases are contracted while the victims are under the influence of intoxicating liquor which encourages non selection of partners for copulation. The government must uphold the application of the rule in the Heydon’s case to curb this high numbers.

Botswana is a sovereign state and we didn’t ask your Netherlands tourist rookies to come over, we have our own laws and ways of looking at life and if they are not happy with how we run our affairs here, they have themselves to blame. This is our Botswana and we appreciate our government and respect our president. If now, after living in Botswana for almost more than half his age and on meeting some free willed Netherlands tourist rookies for few hours and he turn against his country and president, no, that shouldn’t be allowed as within the confines of our laws, no man is free or has a right to all things unlike his painted picture of the Netherlands.

Tacitly, his drunken brawl that is peppered with rude, crude and uncouth language of the nature rarely found in published articles of any newspaper amounts to contempt of Khama and his government and thus a breach of the peace and law making him a sinner and as our president lamented while interviewed by Btv’s Kaboyamodimo, he is a man more sinned against that sinned for.
I couldn’t wait to write this rebuttal for from his defect in reasoning, he is prone to commit sin by going against the government and in so doing violate the law for our president cannot be accused by any of his subjects for he is judge of what is necessary for his people.

As a motswana by birth as he rightly attest, he is duty bound to own the actions and judgements of the government and if he feels our laws are harsh and should be like those of the Netherlands, he is free to seek citizenship there but he first needs to seek leave from the Khama led government. I wonder if in the Netherlands they enjoy the liberty to write damning stuff about their president as he does here.

The vileness of language in his article cannot be a measure of his intellect as his article is a disgrace and must be discredited on account of its gratuitous insults, heretical, blasphemous and infamous destruction to the government, the president and the people for should individuals be allowed to spend their money and time anyway they wish, the outcome would be to make the lives of all of us utterly wretched and short lived for individuals are not capable of governing themselves hence the formation and promotion of government. The government has to come up with punitive measures to make us submit to its dictates and if he has any problem with how our country is managed, the law courts are waiting to receive his petition.

For his literary advancement and prowess, and to bring a reasonable degree of care and skill to the literary profession, let him read Nametso Sphela Mhaladi’s facepage article in the ECHO entitled “Broke bloke inspires millions” and he will be humbled or better still, consider writing on how batswana may rise from; low salaries, unemployment, wrong way of spending leisure time, low stage of education, disregard for prison as a disgrace and employment in harsh labour to inspire other.
Kamwi Mike Nkomba (writing in his individual personal capacity)


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