Tuesday, January 19, 2021

‘Shop till you drop’

The phrase ‘shop till you drop’ in the past meant nothing to everyone staying in this beautiful country of ours, and husbands never quiet understood what it meant to have a whole in your wallet all because of clothes you will never get to wear yourself.

Botswana has been a very dull place as far as shopping is concerned and a steady growing percentage of our youth and some of our older folks had resorted to neighbouring South Africa, especially Johannesburg, for their shopping as it offered them more options not just in clothes but also in terms of spots to just relax and unwind.

With the limited and crowded options we had in Botswana, Game City and Riverwalk had become a nightmare and the only time people took their time to go there it would be just to dash in quickly to get something they needed and dash quickly out.

The available options also were more appealing to a younger audience and for people from outside Gaborone, who might not have the stores housed in these malls where they stay.

But with the fast and, I must say, attractively growing city structures, particularly the malls, Gaborone city dwellers are being offered more options of where they can go even if it’s just to go have some ice cream and just get out of the house.

Although most of these malls have the same shops in them, the fact that you don’t have to crowd in the same mall for the small store with a thousand other people is a much welcome change. Not only that, but for most of us who like to go out for a bite while we catch up with friends and family, it means we can now get to do so without worrying about the ridiculous queues and not evening getting seats to dine in.

Did I mention the wonderful shopping experience for the fashion, trend setting female?

It not just about the number of new stores that were previously unavailable in the country but it is more about the wonderful opening sales that most stores offer to their customers. The opening of a new mall is a chance of shopping at a bargain and checking out new stores.

Shopping is second nature to woman, but discounts are like air they need to survive. It doesn’t need to be a cheap store but just knowing that you are getting an item for a price cheaper than the original one is the satisfaction you need.

More food stores are opening, which means when buying groceries at the end of the month you get a lot more options to compare prices and, of course, see which stores give you better value for money not only discount but also in the freshness of the food. And, of course, the most important, you now, as a woman, get a lot more choices where you can get your clothes and play a bit of mix and match and improve on your style without having to travel outside the country.

The new malls mean one thing to me and only one thing, it’s time to shop till I drop.

Well, that also means I have to adjust my budget to meet this new exciting change in my shopping experience, but mostly it means more trips to the mall for some often much needed retail therapy.


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