Friday, March 24, 2023

‘We are not at war with Paramount Chiefs’ – Bogosi Association

The Bogosi Association of Botswana has said that it has a good relationship with the Paramount Chiefs who are also members of the Ntlo ya Dikgosi.

The Association was responding to reports that it had earlier dismissed suggestions of a move by some of the Paramount Chiefs not to support the formation of the union.

However, this week, a member of the Association, Kgosi Galeakae Modise of Sefhare Village, said the association was quoted out of context.

“Bogosi Association of Botswana, as we know, is in a good relationship with Paramount Chiefs. There is no tension between us as the non Paramount Chiefs and Paramount Chiefs,” said Modise. He said there is no way there could be a strenuous relationship between the Paramount Chiefs and his association because “we work and operate under them”.

“There is no way one can form an association that is divorced from Paramount Chiefs. They are our supervisors,” he said. Modise added that to the best of their knowledge as the Bogosi Association of Botswana, there is nothing that suggests the Paramount Chiefs are against the formation of the association.

“The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development went to Ghanzi last time to launch the Association,” he said.

According to Modise, the suggestion to include some amendments to the constitution of the association was not the Minister’s initiative.

“The Association decided that there should be amendments in constitution and we will deliberate on that during the last week of July at a conference to be held. The exact venue for the conference which will be held in Kgalagadi region is also yet to be announced,” he said.

Modise added that their objective is to unite and protect the institution of Bogosi under the current government.

“We are not going to do anything against government. We are going to invite all Dikgosi to join the association regardless of their positions. Right from the onset we consulted the Minister of Local Government and Rural development and Ntlo ya Dikgosi,” explained Modise.


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